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Бешенные кошаки


Apollo will walk upstairs to the loft and then come to the side that overlooks the kitchen. He hill sit between the banister posts and look down and meow loudly. If no one is around he will just sit there and meow loudly about once every 30 seconds. And when I say loud, it is loud. Apollo must practice daily to be loud. I am surprised our neighbors do not hear the meow. So he sits there doing this till Donna or I come into the Kitchen and look up at him. Not only do we need to look up, but it must be full eye contact or he just continues. Once we do this he stands and waits for me (or Donna) to call out HHAAAYYY-LLOOWW. It is important to say it loud, draw it out and pronounce 2 syllables. If you do not do it right he cocks his head and looks at you in pity or like you are just nuts. If you get it just right, he answers MMMEEERRR-RRROOOWWW. Then you repeat and he does. This will happen till he gets it just right. The whole thing goes something like: HELLO MMEEWW-WOW HELL-LOWW MEMEEWW-MRRWOW HEELLL-LLLOWW MEWW-MURRR And it can keep going till he feels he got it right, and by God it sounds like he says hello by the end! He then happily trots to the far end of the loft, steps off onto the cat walk rail systems on the wall and comes down the wall to the kitchen to rub against me. Really! It is so funny! I am working on teaching him a few other words now and he is starting to catch on. Purrhaps soon I will have a few more videos to show with a few more words he learned.
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25 комм. на “Бешенные кошаки”

  1. TheSteelpony:

    So cute! I think the cat is training you, though. Clearly HE thinks so.

  2. eXGee11:

    Hello? Hello!

  3. TheNewMina:

    awwwwwwwwww so cuute :)

  4. mizzchocolate94:

    that’s cute haha >^o^<

  5. mattabee1:


  6. Cindy7582:

    Chello kitty kitty!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TheDebDeb:


  8. Whitfam2011:

    Stop torturing that poor thing!

  9. paradymaster137:

    Cute and kinda funny -3

  10. ShadowDwellerXXX:

    herro! lol XD so cute

  11. DoreenC50:

    Apollo is so CUTE

  12. JerkinnAnqel01:


  13. Cyborg1170:

    My cat says hello when it finds a lizard or mouse out side. The cat usually says hello when he wants attention. I wonder if it means something in cat.

  14. ShereKhan77:

    my old cat usd to say hello CLEARLY.of course i hear appolo do it once but when he really wants you he will say it clearly.and thats exactly how i got my cat to do it.id say «hello cat» and he would reply «hello».

  15. CaitlinBrooksMusic:

    That’s adorable!
    He so reminds me of my previous cat, Trudy, who lived 15 out of 19 years with us.
    Now we have Eva, who has more burnt sienna markings than your cat, Apollo, and is also a talker sometimes.

  16. co0QOQ0oc:

    -.- she’s only saying meow

  17. drphd95:

    haha what a Apollo’s so smart! you’re lucky to have such a nice cat 8)

  18. MaraisaVillegas:

    ta parecendo mais aquele menino do filme do GRITO que fica na escada shusshusshusshus

  19. TaffyGirlClan:

    Person: Hello
    Apollo: Meow

    cute <3

  20. andrewrobloxguy:

    i did a cute thing with myne KITTEN the kitten was on the bed and then myne head went up and i said boo,then the kittens head went down then when myne head went down its head went up,and we did that again again and again!

  21. DillonNProductions:


  22. DGneoseeker1:

    Haha, one of our cats was even better. He was half siamese so had a pretty unique loud voice, and he would make a sound just like he was saying «I want more!». Something like «IWAMAAW» when he wanted food.

  23. philacoudre:


  24. AmethystXLili:

    Aww!! I wish I had a cat like that.




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