Cat Poop Can Save The Environment!


My Refresh Project Video — For more YouTubers on the Refresh Project, subscribe to — Find ideas near your community, and VOTE on your favorites — — Episode #15: How To Save The Environment ** Three Steps To Success ** Answering life’s harder questions… in three simple steps! Humans have been polluting Earth for millions of years… but after careful research, our team has discovered the answers to our environmental dilemas! Here, Jonathan shares with you the solution in just three simple steps! +++++ Support The Show +++++ FAQ Video — T-Shirts —— ideo App —- Live Show — Donate $ $ — +++++ Connect With Us +++++ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — ::: ideo Productions ::: YouTube —- Twitter ——- Facebook — +++++ Video Credits +++++ Created by: Jonathan Paula Camera: Panasonic HMC-150 Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Computer: An ideo Production — © 2010. ~
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Cats versus plants. An investigation. (Subtitles included, just click the «cc» button) Всегда подозревал, что коты и рассада несовместимы. Вот теперь убедился в этом на собственном опыте 🙂 If the titles do not work: «BoNzo, saw that outrage? That’s awful! Bonzo, you did it? Confess, was it you? Not you? May be you did it? Who dropped the plants?» The end of the story: —— Follow BoNzo on Facebook: Subscribe for new videos:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Cat Poop Can Save The Environment!”

  1. coldblade2000:

    @JPizzle1122 sorry 🙁

  2. JPizzle1122:

    @coldblade2000 — Uhh… you understand a joke, right?

  3. coldblade2000:

    uhh… you do know that about 80% of the air we breath at sea level is made out of nitrogen, if it was bad for the environment we would be screwed.

  4. cicciarelliam:

    @JPizzle1122 you guys should make this on dvd

  5. Vulpix70:

    unlimted supply of cat-poop? run the cat over with a car and you ain’t gonna get no moar of teh stuff dude :B

  6. 23themanofthehour:

    so what your saying is i shouldnt microwave a xbox hmmmmm i dont know seems pretty health to me

  7. SecksTornado:

    @JPizzle1122 And i just watched it. I do enjoy ice cream.

  8. TheCatchFilms:

    heh I get it…

  9. Nitro7676:


  10. Garedfosho:

    i wonder if jon is a ladies man.

  11. OggOrbisMedia:

    Don’t put cat poo in ur yard with clay on it! BAD!!!

  12. JPizzle1122:

    @SecksTornado — Sure will / did!

    3rd season premiered today.

  13. GregTaylor13:

    @SecksTornado — Yes, tonight.

  14. brendonroberts3:

    pause at 2:37 and read the comments

  15. jared1238:

    @SecksTornado He Will on September 14th

  16. aandgpointlessvideos:

    next time is more than 5 month away though

  17. 7143travis:

    Oh, I get it! Nice one, Jon!

  18. themasterofrinengan:

    @GhettoNinjaMan Hey look it’s a little hater now will you go cry to your mommy and leave them do whatever they want with their life?

  19. ioudasomnis:

    Oh man, I missed this one!

  20. GhettoNinjaMan:


  21. horsejumpgal:

    my grandma actually does this…

  22. onebigturtle:

    273 people eat their cats poop!

  23. jboycub7:

    I really liked this series, you should make a season 3

  24. matth397:

    Not sure if trollin…

  25. GiratinaN4:

    dude dont touch it!

  26. svetushok:

    натискать и нацеловать в наказание! такая мордочка виноватая, прелесть))

  27. homoreus:

    @dpjaexp Thank you. I’m glad you like this video 🙂

  28. RxKAy:


  29. dpjaexp:

    I adore this video. Thanks for posting it. It always makes me smile. 😀 Hope you are all healthy, happy and enjoying the season! 😀

  30. Sjoulken:


  31. Benderrr111:

    awwww the second kitty looks so guilty :))

  32. VL86la:


  33. ingullar:

    Не кошмар, а кошмявр:)

  34. chewastakmnogo:

    Офигенные кошаки, британцы — лучшие!

  35. nyandammax:


  36. Yurec10:

    комната выглядит как больничная палата, неуютная! Бррр! Коты слава богу оживляют это помещение

  37. NeroNzoO:

    Не, не, не она конечно !

  38. Mineolka:

    Эмммм…. а можно познакомиться с автором видео? ^^

  39. Guerrillablackdog:

    You don’t need to speak Russian to understand what this man is saying. What’s happening is universal. everyone has went through it. I love this!

  40. 1roxyy:

    so cuteXD

  41. iamtehjuggernaut:

    НЕ ПАЛИТЬСЯ!!!!! Х))))))



  43. Buracvhik:

    @Mineolka а потому, что хозяин добряк)))

  44. Mineolka:

    почему-то такой позитивный ролик)

  45. skripko7:

    Взгляд второй кошки точно говорит: «Ну а че я-то сразу?!»

  46. rowleygrowl:

    Cute names! :3. I want one of those kittens!!

  47. VanishingKitsap:

    So cute! They remind me of my cat, Shadow.

  48. sad4ewer:

    if u know russian its iven funier :DDD bonzo eta ti zdelal oij oij joi :DDD

  49. PoweredbyRussia:

    и кстати кто перевернул кровать ? 😀

  50. PoweredbyRussia:

    с 29 секунды тот кто перевернул рассаду явно не палится