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Декабрь 2011
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Puss In Boots 2011: Cats and Kittens on Film! – Beyond The Trailer


Puss In Boots has his own movie hitting theaters in 2011, so here’s a special look at cats and kittens on film! Are any cats or kittens as cute, funny or as cool as Puss In Boots? Join Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph and Ultra Fur host Alan Kaufman as they give you the top ten cat and kitten movies of all time, plus meet ten cute cats and kittens! See them playing! Enjoy Puss In Boots, the next great cat movie! Beyond The Trailer is part of YouTube Next Lab.

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25 комм. на “Puss In Boots 2011: Cats and Kittens on Film! – Beyond The Trailer”

  1. blazefire1223:

    31 people who disliked this are dog lovers

  2. MsGavrielGirl:

    0:18… Are they trying to troure me?! We’re putting down our kitten tomorrow and she looks just like him, just with a little more hair!!!

  3. gladosbaddass:

    No way

  4. TheBurningDonut:

    Felidae, why you know mention Felidae?

  5. pvocc21:

    @loveMEbugzy hahah thank you!!! What the heck happen to Garfield? He’s probable the second most favorite cat next to Pus and Boots.

  6. differentandalike:


  7. BT27films:

    Lion King: Of course!
    Aristocats: AWW YEEEAAAH!!!
    Cats & Dogs: Really? No, just no.

  8. TheRealPosers:

    Lets go see puss in boots :D !

  9. RGrant2504:

    That guy looks like he came from a shelter.

  10. xjshadowx:

    Looks like grace doesnt like cats!! haha her face at the start of the video for that orange cat

  11. OrionHumphrey:

    The cat from Alien was the most bad ass cat to survive the whole movie.

  12. SarJH7:

    Check out my cute kitten vid cat lovers :)

  13. 4thlord51:

    nyan cat the movie, nuff said

  14. 1r1i1c1k1y1z:

    Wait, They Forgot 1 More Cat Movie!

    GarField xD :3
    ^ Don’t know if I spelled it right or not :P

  15. IPutTheUKInUKE:

    KITTEHS!!!! =^.^=

  16. josh18230:

    Facebook sent me here.

  17. satellitejr:

    The Lion King was Released 17 years ago in 3d.

  18. foxmonkey104:

    @Druscran I still have that movie on VHS. haha

  19. Druscran:

    Milo and Otis was adorable. And involved a cat.

  20. blueberrryhill:


  21. americangirlmusician:

    0;28 I screamed the thing is so cute

  22. suzieq0008:

    very sweet. who could possibly choose between a cat and a dog. Peace in our animal population! t

  23. cpratt54321:

    those cats at 1:49 are so damn cute

  24. FlaxenHairedBeauty:

    Aw so cute!

  25. TheBootieChrist: