I WANT PIZZA! (Boxes) Tiger Edition


Big Cats love pizza too! …. well pizza boxes …. Big Cat Rescue is always trying new enrichment ideas and recently discovered that our Tigers, Lions & Leopards love the smell of used pizza boxes! Watch the big cats have fun destroying the pizza boxes! Did you enjoy the video? If you did and you want to help support the sanctuary, please consider taking a minute of your time to vote for us to win 000! If you live in LA, TX, FL,AZ, CO, NM and Texarcana, AR and Salt Lake City, UT and at least 13 years of age or older we need you to vote 5 times a day for Big Cat Rescue! Voting ends Oct 15. You can do all 5 votes in a row each day. www.albertsonscpchallenge.com Our code number is 0063. Please vote every day! For more info about BIG CAT RESCUE visit: www.bigcatrescue.org Find us on FACEBOOK www.facebook.com MYSPACE: www.myspace.com TWITTER: twitter.com THANK YOU! Thanks to Bruno’s NY Brick Oven Pizza Tampa, FL for supplying volunteers with yummy pizza and that big cats with pizza boxes! (813) 926-6969 www.brunosnewyorkpizza.com Special thanks to incompetech.com for the royalty free tracks «Olde Timey» & «Mister Exposition» used in the video 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “I WANT PIZZA! (Boxes) Tiger Edition”

  1. tiptoes209:

    My very first thought when the video started was ‘that is how my cats act when you give them catnip’! Then I realized that since oregano is in the same family of herbs as catnip and is common in Italian food, that must be a large part of why the cats were acting goofy over the boxes. Not sure if you already knew that, just a fun little factoid I wanted to share :). I am really hoping to visit sometime in the next year!

  2. nexstosic007:

    Tiger: C’mon, let’s play, pizza box bored me.
    Lion: I’m not in the mood to play. Get out.

  3. MalMaimez:

    That pizza looked insanely good.

  4. koopee2:

    Those italians sure are weird

  5. Kira2812K:

    They smell the pizza, I’ll bet that they would like to eats some too. LOL

  6. blindingeffectss:

    my first instinct is to rub my face all over my pizza boxes too. who knew i had so much in common with big cats?

  7. helm1010:

    @boverly721 I find it really funny that the name of the Tiger is Shere Khan, since it means ‘Lion King’ in Hindi and Urdu. ^_^

  8. boverly721:

    Wow Shere Khan is a badass name for a badass lookin cat

  9. DSTREETS1017:

    @utkanthaa if they gave them real pizza they probably wouldnt eat it

  10. akalillyt:

    Gotta love Zabu <3

  11. brioshededward:

    ma poverini, gli fate sentire solo l’odoro ma poi non gliela date 🙁 siete stati un cattivi

  12. MsDungeonX:

    Zabu: -smacks Cameron- Why’d you lose the pizza box? Where’d you put it, Cameron? C’mon!

  13. Renew3D:

    Lol so cute! And got to love Cameron and Zabu.

  14. SheriCambly:

    Great video! Love the big kitties!

  15. Transfusions:

    I know this situation. My cat really really loved pizza. she was crasy when it comes to it.

  16. tylus101:

    3:30 hes snuggling

  17. Mrmythologie:

    i thought siberian tigers were larger than lions but at the end it seemed as if the lion was wey bigger. just a big lion or a small tiger ?

  18. utkanthaa:

    poor things….give them actual pizza

  19. MetalGrannie:

    That’s so funny! Reminded me of my cats (not big cats, just regular house cats). They absolutely love olives. They like to eat them, and they also like to roll around on the floor where we tossed the olives. It’s a hoot to watch them. So I really enjoyed watching this video.

  20. attgig:

    @BigCatRescue seems like they’d love to eat it. they looked so sad when they realized there’s no food in there.

  21. EDTProductions:

    Cats just like boxes in general

  22. Karami:

    1:50 I want to rub the tiger’s belly

  23. muraalia:

    @p8chill Mortal Kombat? Shere Khan is from the Jungle Book… Don’t know about the others though.

  24. fantacyfactoryCo201:

    Zabu is trying to say that she got more pizza box and had more fun! So she is making Cameron a little jealous. Maybe they are just having some fun!
    So cute by the way! ^^

  25. ThisMissLyss:

    @ 3:17 the male lion seemed so majestic… so proud…
    and then the name «Za-Boo-Boo» popped up on screen.