Cats Of Darkness 2

- The Cats of darkness are all out to destroy any being they view as rivals. Mama Chibuzor (Patience Ozokwor Stars as the evil coven leader who stings anybody that comes her way.

VG Cats created by Scott Ramsoomair Strips Adapted: #86 — Don’t Even Ask About Waluigi #93 — Warm Places #111 — Tingle in the Tower #132 — Stranger Than Truth #268 — Karma Lost This one has been a long time coming. Ho yeah. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2005, there was something called «The VA Jam» — a weekly friendly competition on the voiceacting messageboard I frequent. It was meant to help us hone our skills as actors/mixers/directors etc. One such jam had us adapting several strips from a webcomic of our choosing into audio (or video, if one were so inclined) and that it be no more than 5 minutes long. I choose to do VG Cats, and with a little help of some of my friends (Autumn and Nick Tiner) we did a nice, little clip — one that even made its way to the VG Cats forum community and was quite well-received! And then I promptly forgot about it and went on to other stuff. Couple of years later, I saw that someone had adapted the audio from the VG Cats clip I mixed into a youtube video and I thought «Whoa. That’s pretty awesome. I wish I could do that.» and then promptly forgot about it and chased after magical rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them. Cut to last month, playing around with Windows Movie Maker (hsssssssssssssss!) I finally figured out «Oh the many snaps! I can do that!» and thus this clip was born! Many, many thanks to Autumn Stroble for agreeing to reprise her role of Aeris after so many years! And of course, a whole lot of thanks to
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