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Filmhawk – CAT PUKING


Cat’s are one gross pet. **********FLY WITH ME************ HawkVlog www.youtube.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER www.twitter.com ************************************ Cat Cats puke throw up hairball blah funny random Cat Cats puke throw up hairball blah funny random

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25 комм. на “Filmhawk – CAT PUKING”

  1. NuttyConvict:

    my cat pooped on my homework and my teacher didn’t believe me!!!

  2. CentralRushHour:

    my cat takes like, 2 hours to puke, and i sit there and stare at him xD. but when i yell his name he looks at me and stops XD.

  3. CrystinKillerKupcake:

    I love my cat and she loves me :3

  4. settinsuns:

    My cat used to come into my room when I am sitting on my bed. She would just up on the bed and stare at the fucking wall and meow at the wall for like fucking 30 minutes. I was like «COSMO! YOU BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I TAKE YOU OUT IN THE STREET AND BEAT YOU LIKE A VIETNAMESE WHORE!!!» Ahhh. I love my kitty.

  5. happinessisthekey97:

    oh my god i was literally in tears this was so funny!!!! XD

  6. YoItzWeston:

    If you hate cats man check this out /watch?v=Nzvm8k5kSjs

    PS Hope im not to spamming

  7. TheXXbaconhawkXX:

    then press 5 then 9 xD

  8. TheXXbaconhawkXX:

    xD lmao that looks nasty! 0:52 :P

  9. kaitork:

    Hey guys. Check out this milk gallon challenge video. It’s the best one on Youtube!! I promise you:

    Gallon Challenge Extravaganza: Men Puke on Each Other

  10. HawkVlog:

    @dae86ify send me naked photos I want to skull fuck you and butt rape your dad

  11. KatieMarieDoubt:

    see what hes doing in the beginning? hes gonna do that to your weiner.

  12. Sherrieturtle:

    Any time I want my cat to play with me or lay down with me on my bed, he wants no part of it, but when me and my boyfriend get freaky, the damn cat will NOT stay OFF the bed!!!!!

  13. coricourt:

    my cat shit all over my bed! then my ma throu him out.. lol

  14. roblox83:

    My moms cat.

  15. numanumaturtleyeah:

    This made me fall off my bed laughing.

  16. countach27:

    Good thing I don’t have no pets of any kind.

  17. Tiffanyrro:

    I come home from work i CANT EVEN PUT MY FREAKING THINGS DOWN and my cats like meow meow meow meow meow meow i give her food she does not eat if i eat my own food she WANTS MY FREAING FOOD THAT AM EATING

  18. mrsylar91:

    um.. what are you feeding your cats? lol

  19. MyRocker1000:

    Im more of a bunny person. no noise. just sits eats And craps not to hard

  20. sadasaimhot:

    OMG do cats really puke like that? cuz the way you were doing it was hilarious!!!!!!!

  21. Shinniebutt:

    Mine has been known to puke out of spite, especially early am when he has no soft food and only a little hard food left…and we’re not up yet. He’ll scarf down what’s left and make himself sick. But by far the nastiest thing he’s done is ingest a long hair, and basically made poop links when it came out the other end. Problem was one end was still in him, so when he stepped out of the litter box guess what followed him until it fell out?

  22. falloutgurl247:

    my cat eats hair

  23. Swort69:

    u mad bro ?

  24. oJAYBOYx:

    @Filmhawk You deserve More Views :)

  25. MandatoryMadMan:

    I just wanted to say awesome videos. I remember you when you hardly had any subscribes. My name was WishFredWasDead back then but I made a second channel even though I never really make videos. I used to watch your videos a lot though. And I still like your new ones.
    You’re doing a awesome job man, I subscribed, keep up the good work Filmhawk! Fly High ;) haha