Lazer Cat Mocks You (We Don’t Give A Frak)


Late night walkin’ the streets of Harlem, We Don’t Give A Frak stumbled on a vicious flesh-eating lazer cat and showed it how to love. Meow! Tumblr: Twitter Facebook: We Don’t Give a Frak is the greatest channel ever created, however, we don’t give a frak about that. We make how to videos for ladies, a show about Batman, and geek raps. We also upload a random assortment of nonsense.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 комментариев на “Lazer Cat Mocks You (We Don’t Give A Frak)”

  1. Raycheetah:

    ‘Dorable! =^[.]^=

  2. ichypizza:

    lol cute and should be in the next troll anthem

  3. EgoDestroyR:

    if you didnt feed that cat, im unsubcribing right now!

  4. RaciouS91:

    what happened to the cat’s eye!!???????????

  5. GloveSlappd:

    Nyan nyan nyan

  6. yeastmyinfecti0n:

    OMG to cute!.. my cat just walked over like.. wtf is this whining all about

  7. MasterKittez:

    @iPaTwiK We all wish that would happen to you.

  8. retephgiel:

    I obey.. i obey!!

  9. lunarfox689:

    aaa i want to pet the kitty …. o.o meow

  10. dookiecheez:

    What the hell? What kind of light do you have on that camera? LED or something?

  11. 700007123:

    the power of christ compels you!..
    ..the power of christ compels you!…..

  12. GoblinXXX:

    He’s got his high-beams on. How inconsiderate!

  13. brutaltrout:


  14. smpowis:

    It’s the cousin of Lazer Cat from Doomsday Arcade!

  15. iPaTwiK:

    that cat eventualy died in a sad and tragic death

  16. ObZzErVeR:

    cats are cool