Big Cat week : The Big Cat Story


This is the introduction to Big Cat Week 2006. Presenters Simon King, Jonathan Scott and Saba Douglas-Hamilton, talk about memorable moments from past series and a behind the scenes look.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cat playing piano for 10 hours 😀 Original video: Original made by chuckieart:

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  1. BossRoss999:

    @rayar8 the crew are not allowed to interfear with it as they sad alot of the time on the show how they would of liked to but they simply are not allowed as it is nature and there is nothing we can do to stop it

  2. rayar8:

    I’ve seen many situations in these shows and the likes where filmmakers and the other people involved could’ve made a difference by simply interfering. To illustrate a perfect example, if a lion kills a cheetah cub is a waste of a life because the lion is not going to eat it, it just simply kills it because is a competitor for the food available. If the cub that got stuck on the tree would’ve broken a leg, his chances for survival would’ve been 0. Help when necessary is not going to alter nature

  3. rayar8:

    Although, I respect them greatly, for the true love they’ve shown to the cats throughout the shows, I totally disagree with Simon King and their policy about not interfering with the cats in need, especially the cubs. If there was a lion close to a cheetah cub, I would definitely place the car in between or try to scare the lion away in order to give that cheetah cub another day to live and likewise increase their chances of reaching adulthood. Once adults, they could take care of themselves.

  4. jordan3727:

    at 4:00 can someone please tell me how that lion didn’t attack him, it could of easily ripped him out of that seat… i don’t get it’s as if there scared of us…? are they? oO

  5. joesgirlfriend1:

    I love all big cats but I think cheetah loves the camera most I love when jump on the car

  6. joesgirlfriend1:

    @dubstepISbetter just because you don’t like the music does not mean you have to hate him as person you have no reason to hate him

  7. Deah92fooeee:

    @AnimalMan03 i agree 100% i love big cats. lionesses are so cute. i wish i was one! i watch this all the time.

  8. flawlesskat84:

    @allys911 Every day, Every episode 7-8AM… I set my alarm clock to make sure I’m awake for it…. GEEK!

  9. AnimalMan03:


  10. BlackorWhite0920:

    I love the theme song lol

  11. AblonPahdellaJaherst:

    they got some damn good music in this show. i juss gotta watch it b4 skool. yesterday i saw a cheetah shit n piss in the brits sunroof. XD

  12. allys911:

    i love this show with a passion XD watch it every morning XDD

  13. BlackStarPrincess100:

    The introduction (opening) is my favorite part! The Opening is TIGHT!!

  14. BizzyKiel:

    Tiger my favourite animal…biggest strongest cat in the world..shame noone does doccumentries on them like they do lions though =(

  15. BowserEx1:

    I love Cheetah’s 😀 Their my favorite animal.

  16. pronoob76:

    the chick at :42 is HOT.

  17. brochill69:

    lions all day

  18. BowserEx1:

    @rileyxbaby7: Wow, You have the same dream as mine!

  19. Runnerrmejor:

    I miss this sooo much!!!!!!!!! :'((((((
    I never missed a episode, aww I miss the lion Simba and his pride, this was so emotional

    Lions are my fave, the Kings (I love them coz I had a little Lion, they are unique)

  20. SarethZhukov314:

    Beautiful animals!

  21. K20Da:


  22. mydas1:

    You can free the Cheetah cub if its paw is stuck in a tree, that is hardly interfering with nature! That was just an accident — a fluke. Feeding the cubs or protecting them from predators is interfering with nature.

  23. OceanBlue175:

    poor cheetah cub

  24. abiddine1:

    Leopard is my favorite. Powerful, illusive, beautiful, only ones who can climb; Whats not to love? Cheetahs are my second favorites. Speed, agility. Not a big fan of lions.

  25. Boodhunnilesh:

    don’t interfere my ass ! we always interfere with their living habitat by destroying it but when a little cub got its leg stuck we cannot interfere what kind of bullshit this is

  26. Trololol726:

    @etemon4 your so cool becuase your a copy and paster

  27. etemon4:

    mum said 1 more video before bed 🙂

  28. mahjob:

    OMG looooove the part that is a cat playing piano.

  29. raywilliamfan2:

    @Trololol726 it means that you get shot in the knee. but you don’t use your knee while using the keyboard! so it’s useless

  30. Steve1262928:

    I love this song! This cat is a hero! Look at all the emotion he puts into his music!!

  31. In8da8club:

    Don´t thumps up, if you’re not gay. 😀

  32. 02izzle:

    lets see… the last 10 hrs of my life just got wasted…

  33. jjhunterblah:

    Koffoholik the whole thing is the best part

  34. mechanicBRO:


  35. Spectrumdecent:

    OMG! I LOVE THIS! THIS WAS ON MAD! that tv show on cartoon network, THIS IS AMAZIN!

  36. Mariorock09:

    You thought that cat was playing the keyboard? Nope, Chuck Testa

  37. annabelleroxmyworld:

    i just slapped myself….. owww 🙁

  38. xnowarex:

    I was on the edge of my seat.

  39. littlemann22225:

    made it through 6:56:45!

  40. OrelinhaChan:

    Resete Aqui 0:00

  41. firerock2245:

    @NincompoopTV i did dat……. WHEN I SLAPPED MESELF ME FACE HERT!!!!!!!!!! LOL XD =D 😀

  42. IchKomentiereNur123:

    How do i always end up on such vids…

  43. saw4650:

    no, no i dont

  44. NincompoopTV:

    Press 1 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 2 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 3 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 4 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 5 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 6 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 7 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 8 for Keyboard Cat
    Press 9 for Keyboard Cat
    Now slap yourself.

  45. assassin108able:

    2:43:03 O_O

  46. iCindyMary:


  47. DJclanful:

    @SchnizelGaming Remember when users would stop begging for thumbs up?

  48. dkzumblee:

    any one else thinking of billie joe right now?

  49. kuhj278:

    @SchnizelGaming Remember when you could use adblock?