The VG Cats Adaptation With No Name — Episode 8


VG Cats created by Scott Ramsoomair Strips Adapted: #122 — You Got Threeerved #125 — Foul Play #135 — Ode to Python #215 — CSI #239 — Bizzaro! Sound mixing and video editing is probably not something that you should do while sick or pregnant, but here I am! Just the sick part. I don’t think I come installed with the baby oven option. Not a lot of drama for this episode apart from being sick and leaving mixing things to the last minute (as per my usual habit on important projects, haHA!). One person was actually missing lines for their character for an entire panel — but rather than delay this episode waiting for that one person to get their line in, I stepped in and filled the gap with the polystyrene seal of my voice. Try and guess where said gap in the dialogue appears! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Or somewhat shocked to hear my voice there, since the voice I played substitute for was a girl. Don’t judge me. Other things: This episode was also going to have a longer tribute to the television show «Sliders» in «#239 — Bizzaro!» — splicing in some footage from the TV series (specifically the opening titles flashing through all the characters and a wormhole sequence) but after the scare I had with UMG pouncing on episode 2 for using the music to Schindler’s List, I decided not to take the chance. In fact, I’m not even sure if using the couple of seconds I did of the Sliders’ themesong was all that good an idea, even. Well, we’ll cross that deadly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

African Cats 2011 : A nature documentary centered on two cat families and how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild. My gift to all : soundtrack mix 4 movie (MP3) begin from 1:18:40 to end of the movie: … i hope u enjoy it 😉 If u want download full movie in 1080p…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. TheGiaroo:

    4:57 took me 2 months to get that joke…-_-

  2. spikeharusame:

    this series is a WONDER OF THE MODERN WORLD!!!!

  3. spikeharusame:

    I’ve got a feeling I know what stuff on phoenix’s cpu is, but I’m not gonna say, and just leave it at that

  4. carchaser64:

    ew you dont randomly tast blood like couldget herpies, aids, hiv, and who knows what els…and the fack that Phoenix didnt stop her is just wrong, so very wrong.

  5. bluespartan10:


  6. ShadowNinja1995:

    …I wanna play Minor Conflict!!!

  7. Gam3Junkie7:

    The VG Dogs got me going because it’s a total inverse of everything with them being dogs AND Leo is smart while Aeris is dumb XD

  8. KyleRuelling1:

    vg….dogs? o,o

  9. danlove1998:

    @537CH im next to mine now….

  10. ShadowNinja1995:

    Leo is the best character in these Comics

  11. LeoBlaze65:

    4:31 PERSONA!

  12. SupaKoopaKid64:

    Looks like Phoenix forgot to dispose of the evidence

  13. MasterBuhahaha:


  14. huMusicMonster:

    5:20 crush 40 in background. my life just improved by 500%

  15. BetaMaster100:

    sonic is in smash bros :3

  16. staticmunk7777:

    trully a awesome job

  17. Mikyman31:


  18. Mikyman31:

    537CH ,me either bro me either o-o

  19. TheFallen552:

    omg i love pockies! they made choalalate flavor ones!

  20. MarioDude321:

    cave music background music

  21. flarepelt:

    I love pockies!!!! XD

  22. PRESHISS12:

    @537CH At least we do it with a stick shaped like a pencil. Yeah… I didn’t make it any better…

  23. brinkltl:

    that phenex part FUCKING FUNNY

  24. P40DX:

    Yay bob-omb battlefield music

  25. coolsnape:

    @buhita06 fable 1 the best game ever fable 2 and 3 are horriiibllee

  26. pimpchimp9:

    @Magster257 Really? but in many documentaries i thought they said lions banish male offspring to prevent them from mating in their own mothers and sisters …. but i may be wrong .. i’ll look it up …. nice documentary btw … looking forward to The Last Lions now 😀

  27. Rosielass:

    @nirvan they are carnivores, what do you expect them to eat ?

  28. nirvan979:

    I guarantee that most of you always feel good when a lion or cheetah catches a helpless Gazelle! You evil people! 😉

  29. mckeys323:

    yhank’s 4 share this movie thas 1 of my favorites i just love all animales and love how theire teachin us about love and family protection again thank you so much

  30. Magster257:

    @pimpchimp9 Male lions only drive out other mature males that aren’t of their own blood =)

  31. joyhossain:

    enjoyed this one, But what happened to kali’s sons?

  32. Wolftent561:

    i hope you dont get copt right merry xmas

  33. halneufmille:

    I like how prey magically become food and new cubs magically appear from time to times.

  34. pimpchimp9:

    two things i don’t understand:
    1) Where is Kali’s original pride?
    2) Male lions drive out male offsprings when they mature, why then Kali has a father son coalition?

  35. gisltome:

    Wonderful movie, thank you for sharing. I saw it at the theaters too and both times amazing.

  36. jeremiah11ify:


  37. MsGladys1987:

    I tell you its wow!

  38. kohhuiyu:

    i still hate kali for stealing fang’s pride :((

  39. nashtism:

    Its sooo amazing how a mother’s love is so strong even in animals….

  40. SirKowalski666:

    Christ, Fang is buff as all hell!


    Oh God I would have been so mad if the crocodile killed the lion!

  42. jbshany:

    @jammkhan its up

  43. JohnnyMarvelous66:

    Royale With Chesse…

  44. dixitwinleo:

    looking at fang’s tooth gives me a toothache

  45. Amatera8:

    thank you! 🙂

  46. 265493:

    its such a wonderful story of one of the big cats surviving for their lives in africa….really like it. thanks 🙂

  47. Bigbone92a:

    Thankyou! 🙂

  48. Junde801:

    Yes, that would be great. Id also like to see «the last lions»

  49. jammkhan:

    amazing documentary……….buh plz can u upload «the last lions» documenatry……..:)

  50. KimberlyTakaishi17:

    did Sita ever have a mate?! ‘cuz she had 2 have had a mate 4 her 2 have even given birth her cubs!