cat sounds


One moans, another chirps like a bird. We have pretty talented cats.

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25 комментариев на “cat sounds”

  1. mysemys:

    Hahahahah funny sounds!


    0:15 هذا الصوت او الحركه
    يصدر اذا البس كان في حالة استياد وترقب الفريسه
    وكأنه يقول اسكت او انتبه لاتروح الفريسه

  3. xmobster5:


  4. heavensbest28:

    — Lol cute but funny!! add me!

  5. Robbertpattinson86:

    @TeamBaggers it hurt my head i already hav a headache it made it worse

  6. UFO00000000000000000:

    The cat @ 0:14 is broken .

  7. lifelieswaiting:

    The «where are you?» meow plus «I see a bird or squirrel» chattering.

  8. gtafan714:

    lol my cat went and slapped his paw on the mouse to click the x button

  9. Ringadong55:

    Boo sucks dog-cat

  10. jojojozif111:

    WTF !@#$

  11. Umentme:

    Your cats are NOT talented! One of mine moans, one chirps, and one squeaks! 😀

  12. ej112796:

    all or most make the chirp sounds. my cats made it when the light reflected onto the ceiling or a fly was too high for them to reach

  13. jesscortez11:

    That second cat scared the shit out of me the first one i was like aww then that second one came out and i was like holy shit !!! O_o

  14. Macaroni12345lover:

    the second cat chirps because(my cats vet told me this) the cat has a gland on the roof of their mouth, when they see something intersting, they open their mouth trying to smell the thing(whatevers intersting) like it was probably watching a bird.

  15. ps3skateboy:

    i like the part when he says swwwsswsssdnnnwnmdnnjncdbihbh

  16. Stelloe:

    I don’t mean to cause offense, but that second cat has a stammer .

  17. Billmaster20:

    Great Editing!

  18. LightBulbxXx:

    Most retarted fucking video i’ve actually ever seen on youtube, pathetic?

  19. 5010ELEAZAR:


  20. 94oGs:

    lol my cat does the same thing as the second one but much cuter

  21. 1998missdanielle:

    the second one is creepy!!!

  22. AlitheaNara:

    that is so funny and cool

  23. nicknolen96:

    cats are pretty intelligent

  24. powervr250:

    @apfrezende lol , would hate to hear it in japan then:)

  25. dogluvers26:

    The first one looks depressed. Second one looks like he is mindless