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My Dead Cat (DiGiTS – Ep. 29)


Rob said he had a dead cat and wanted to make a tribute but didn’t know how. Fortunately a lovely young woman came along and helped out. Ever done something really lame to get some sympathy DiGiTS? www.digitsshow.com Subscribe www.youtube.com Facebook: facebook.com Tweet-tweet: twitter.com Myspace: www.myspace.com Declassified: www.youtube.com DiGiTS is a web tv show about what it takes to get a girl’s number. Follow us around NYC to see what it takes to get a set of DiGiTS. Each episode tries out a new pick-up tactic or challenge. While we don’t claim to be PUAs, practice the ‘Mystery Method’, or wearing smoking jackets like Hef, our hope is that DiGiTS is entertaining and will inspire you to have no fear when approaching the ladies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “My Dead Cat (DiGiTS – Ep. 29)”

  1. StrifeTwilight:

    She’s really pretty.

  2. erwinbgonzaga:

    try to get number a number of famous actress

  3. heat4yoass:


  4. danni1804ice:

    I once pimp slapped my friend after telling a girl he slipped a roofie in her drink, easiest digits ever.. got the idea from HIMYM, he was cool with it.

  5. TheDreamkiller957:

    LOLi laued my fucking ass off

  6. buffon007police:

    @BounceMyTit They’re filming in NYC

  7. GrapeJamAndFish:

    The Room had better acting.

  8. BounceMyTit:

    @inquisitiveQT oh i see haha

  9. inquisitiveQT:

    @BounceMyTit It’s the New York area code.

  10. RsGhost1:

    She probably thought you were gay lol.

  11. BounceMyTit:

    lol love how all these numbers start with 917-****

  12. TheHuskyTEDDY:

    u should bring this dude bak

  13. TheTapioca21:

    yeah once you get known, every girl is guna know ur guna want her digits..but hey..MORE DIGTS ;)

  14. Ams11121:

    @RedBooster ahhahahaha :) ))

  15. aboodal3las:

    @Mrcabletwitch LOL and pretty soon you will be popular !! XD

  16. Mrcabletwitch:

    I should do this in my school lol

  17. BenMagpie173:

    how the hell do you go from «you have a dea cat in your backpack!» to «yh you can have my number» in under a minute!?

  18. vladznize97:

    wow this is funny lol

  19. farizzal:

    @murozman fabrizio strikes me as a huge douche/creep, this guy seems cooler

  20. murozman:

    @farizzal Nah! Fabrizio was a beast! This guy IS awesome though.

  21. farizzal:

    fuck that fag fabrizio, THIS GUY IS AWESOME.

  22. Kierank30:


  23. TheSuperjack15:

    So he’s gonna kill a cat for the date?

  24. MsBloodHeart:

    1:24 right after the guy said ‘the grounds too frozen, I dont know where to bury her’ The guy in white must have thought he meant a corpse… I laughed so hard at his expression xD

  25. DarkSimonX:

    As frebrizo would say you a need big balls to get digits