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Kitty Cat Meowing, Happy cat


My cat likes to meow a lot while being petted. That’s why his name is Screamer ! : ) * Updates * (5/17/11) To all inquiring about Screamer, thanks for your concerns and condolences, but he is still missing and we know he has moved on : / . Screamer has disappeared, we had him for 13 happy years. He went outside every night to hunt and be a kitty ! However, one night he just didn’t come home. We are extremely sad because he was so close to our family as you could imagine. I know he is in a better place. RIP I really do appreciate all of the positive comments and feedback ! Thanks

Cats Memory (Reprise) lyrics Daylight See the dew on the sunflower And a rose that is fading Roses wither away like the sunflower. I yearn to turn my face to the dawn I am waiting for the day . . . Now Old Deuteronomy, just before dawn Through a silence you feel you could cut with a knife Announces the cat who can now be reborn And come back to a different Jellicle Life Memory turn your face to the moonlight. Let your memory lead you open up enter in If you find there, the meaning of what happiness is Then a new live will begin. Memory All alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days I was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again Burnt out ends of smoky days The stale cold smell of morning The streetlamp dies, another night is over Another day is dawning Daylight I must wait for the sunrise I must think of a new life And I mustn’t give in When the dawn comes Tonight will be a memory too And a new day will begin Sunlight through the trees in summer endless masqueraded Like a flower As the dawn is breaking The Memory is faded Touch me It’s so easy to leave me All alone with the memory Of my days in the sun If you touch me You’ll understand what happiness is Look A new day has begun I own nothing of this purely fanmade
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50 комм. на “Kitty Cat Meowing, Happy cat”

  1. pwhs8:

    @TLLSpencer : )

  2. pwhs8:

    @aesmith8719 Who are you talking about exactly ? I’m unfamiliar.

  3. pwhs8:

    @zeetek007 Thank you : )

  4. loppi123:

    My cat loves that slappy thing too. The more you throw him about the better!

  5. aesmith8719:

    should submit this for the guys that do the dub over of voices for animals. the ultimate dog tease people

  6. MrSamjackass:

    @pwhs8 haha true true

  7. pwhs8:

    @MrSamjackass Your name is appropriate

  8. MrSamjackass:

    Rape isn’t appropriate.

  9. vsboy25:

    that cat is horny as fuck.

  10. pwhs8:

    @angelforlps He would purr loudly while meowing !

  11. bekibooza13:

    haha that’s probably like a massage to the cat

  12. zeetek007:

    Please remove this video, the cat is too cute……

  13. nbmufc94:

    My cat is angry atm wtf she keeps attacking me but i love her somuch.

  14. xthrowdownx06:

    My kitty loves being patted at the base of his tail like that! =^.^=

  15. JaySalious:

    My cat loves being patted like that too!! :D :D

  16. TLLSpencer:

    I love guys who love their cats!

  17. TheBravewarrior1988:


  18. UchuuKeijiRaidanjin:

    I pet cats like that too x3

  19. deidarataurus:

    my cat heard this started sniffing around stole my yogurt then she attacked my screen….i love my cat <3

  20. neji742:

    Hahaha I fooled my cat into thinking theres another cat in my house

  21. TillDeath93:

    My cat loves it when I spank his but, then he turns around and bites me cause I stopped. The whores that run my house

  22. SupaAmi:

    He’s like «MORE! MORE!»

  23. karajo555:

    I did this to see what my dogs would do. One looked at the computer like «I know the kitty is in there, but how?» The she looks down the basement steps to see if the kitty is there.

  24. rautamiekka:

    He so loves being petted.

  25. NagatobimaruDono:

    @mark200666 If you really know anything about cats you should be able to read their mannerisms (facial expressions, body language, etc.) well enough to realize that he appears to enjoy being petted immensely.

  26. tellison11232:

    Shivers. Every. Time.

  27. Sushinator1014:

    <3 turn my face to the dawwwn

  28. xpeacex16:

    I have a music box that plays this song…..no wonder I love musical theatre -3 12/07

  29. mimi1234167:

    It’s just speechless. Beautiful.

  30. hellokittydomoluver:

    BEAUTIFUL- thats all i can say im speechles this song i saw the play in the repruduction from la habra high and as soon as i heard it i started to cry if you think this is a beautiful song put a thumbs up

  31. WWELURVA101:

    @ihatemondays123100 Well, pollicles

  32. surferdude3451:

    An old cat can have such a beautiful voice.

  33. mkdjksh:

    this was my first broadway i ever seen ^-^

  34. SammyDarling97:

    I saw Cats for the very first time yesterday. It was a production that my high school did. The senior that played Grizzabella had an absolutely beautiful voice. This had to be my favorite song of the whole show.

  35. lovingthegreenmms:

    @TheFoolishChaos It should be that when Grizzabella sings, she says moonlight, but when the young cat Jemima/ Sellibub (depending on the country) sings it’s daylight :) she’s more optimistic

  36. PridelessChickz:

    ^^ im gonna cry

  37. unearthingdawn:

    @ModerneVampiressa NINJA kitties

  38. Audreyfan1001:

    Beautiful lyrics. True poetry.

  39. Ninjachamp15:

    My grandmother went to see this play on broadway and she saw this exact same one! I just watched in online today and it is amazing!!!!! I remember barneys great adventure on VHS when I was little and it got me thinking about it the other day… THANK. YOU. BARNEY!!!!

  40. TheGummiMonster:

    Saphierblau :D

  41. ModerneVampiressa:

    @TheHiccups12345 They’re cats. >.>

  42. Truthahn2006:

    brilliant <3

  43. Bellemarz:

    I love this production I watched it year 2005 and loved it….

  44. mrscrews2011:

    my Aunt Jane loved cats she made us watch this over and over now she is gone i would love to watch this with her now R.I.P. AUNT JANE I miss u

  45. TheFoolishChaos:

    i could bet it was moonlight and not daylight when i was in that musical .__.

  46. TheHiccups12345:

    the black of the eyes look like ninjas

  47. sekai2yami:

    so beautiful voice…

  48. maruul:

    Can I marry her voice?

  49. lilmissperfectson:

    google it bellabecky2you it isn’t working

  50. TheMusicLizard:

    One word: Beautiful.