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Декабрь 2011
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Cat Fight


2 cats fighting with a Boxing track added to add to the fun. DO NOT REPOST ON YOUTUBE. IF YOU WANT TO USE ON A WEBSITE LINK DIRECTLY TO THIS ONE. THANK YOU

This is hkbecky’s video, Imagine what it would be if you could hear cats talking…. ps this is not my video…just my voice over. I give all video and cat credit to hkbecky at www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Cat Fight”

  1. tigerblah:

    Nah, I think Cognac should’ve won by decision.

  2. Souulless:


  3. qlateman:

    LOL, remind me of Wing Chun.

  4. pmsn3674:

    pahahahaahaahaahahahaaaa 0:32

  5. MrSgurgul:

    its funny thanks pal

  6. GwendaMarisaut436:

    ehm ich bin nackt

  7. justME079264:

    theyre not fighting theyre paying! lol

  8. PUPPY234567:

    That was EPIC

  9. oledys:

    hahaha so funny XD

  10. ladiiedesalmada:

    Lol this had me rolling it was so cute & funny how bj was just showing teeth. But I bet cognac is the oldest of the two thats why he wasnt throwing blows

  11. bloodsmoke123:

    Imma repost this

  12. jabz1101:

    now thats real boxing

  13. Sonnid09:

    Two cats bitch slapping each other. Classic. Now that’s a cat fight.

  14. MSGDK:

    cognac has style….

  15. DarkD3athPhe0n1x:

    2:01 – 2:07 LOL SO FUNNY

  16. McButtster:

    who the fuck dislikes this? these cats are just fucking around,

  17. kakak502:

    the 1 on the left is always bearing his teeth like baboons…… dont ask me y i referd a cat to a baboon

  18. SuperDiana1002:


  19. 444blackfire:

    hehehehe bj..

  20. PaigeLanaab30:

    ehm bin reich aber einsam

  21. TheMrArtie:

    0:31 picture of the decade

  22. MRiAMborat:

    Cagnac is as stiff as a board hahahaha

  23. twillyisweirdlooking:

    knew it -_-

  24. ScrubsTheNewcomers:

    Naming your cat Cognac is bad ass. I wanted to call mine Wodka but my mom didn’t want that =/

  25. salim19981:

    uhm… how the hell did i get here?

  26. jemviolet88:

    what’s that?? Creeper?? Hello creeper!! lmfao

  27. Msloveblurr:

    i swear on my life i almost died laughing

  28. viktoriarox21:

    when im feeling down searching for a smile i look this vid upp … :D D it doesnt just make me laugh butt warms my heart <3

  29. brokencyde4eternity:

    omg i just cried lmfao


    You guys are fucking stupid as hell!! And you sound like you take a lot of dick down the throat! Pussy’s!!!

  31. samuel2ko1:

    funny ass hell

  32. shadowolf1234510:

    hello creeper

  33. sk8njam:


  34. Torsaaa:

    Dunno why, but I just love this clip <3

  35. Lolsez246:


  36. MrVulgaris:

    @coochei I already watched it twelve million times :D

  37. coochei:

    I can watch this a million times!

  38. ninealou:

    I want the guys who voiced over to do it again!! good job guys!!

  39. ninealou:

    I love it, best smile Ive had all day!!!

  40. bloodofbambi:

    Lucy and Harpo reincarnated as CATS!

  41. fartknockers747:

    How is it that the sidebar having cat videos would have some fat girl singing kesha? I don’t see the connection between pure ugly and something so cute.

  42. keevala:

    STILL makes me laugh!

  43. MegaGorys:


  44. hazelnut4991:


  45. TheMegaPancake:

    How do u get cats do that!? thats awesome

  46. CezminOr:

    Im not gonna do tat if u hit me again >:[

  47. vandiveramber:

    holy crap. i thought it was a mirrior!

  48. fakeknife87:

    Cool cats! Yeah!

  49. slister45:

    One of the best EVER!!!!!! How did you do this? did you watch it over and over and then write a script?


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