episode 1 part 2 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation


*** please turn the speaker down a little before greypaw appear oo*** there is a sound problem there. I’ll avoid it in the rest of the episodes. oh yer. Graypaw and Greypaw, sorry about that, didn’t realize it in subtitles. will try be careful in later episodes. weird the artist comment was not shown ^^ll but it’s ok. I’ll type it again. so ya! i have done a lot these months, really a lot! and achieved new things, made new friends. i’m happy : ) ! i’ll write more in the submission of epi 1 part 3 f. i’ll do that in a mins. love warriors ! ^_^ FQA. questions i recieved many times… Q. what program I use to animate? A. mostly Flash, Photoshop, Aftereffect. Q. are you a guy or a girl? A. I am a guy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “episode 1 part 2 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation”

  1. zembuktoo:

    Rusty’s face when lionheart came up!

  2. traybug1:

    5:16 is that lionheart? his name doesn’t start with lion for nothing!

  3. Firecometblast:

    lionheart sounds like mufasa

  4. Superbowserlover222:

    Graypaw reminds me of my new kitten! My kitten has gray fluffy fur, and well, she looks like him!

  5. Sandyhamham2:


  6. MsPokemonlovergirl:

    When greypaw appeard i sorta screamed lol 🙂


    holy shit

  8. RosieTheDogRox:

    This is awesome! Why people complain, I don’t know; they are lucky to have found an actually good series of this ^^

  9. SmallestKitten:

    lionheart looks so awesome

  10. mstrswrdsmn19:


  11. KCDCish:

    Wow! Keep it up~ Love it~

  12. ssswarriorcats:

    @AlexGoesBwarh ‘the series was never meant to have any anime feel in it’
    This is the SSS version of the story, and YES, it actually /is/ meant to have an anime feel to it 🙂

  13. AlexGoesBwarh:

    I wish you could use a little less of an anime feel here, for example some of their expressions… The series was never meant to have any anime feel in it, most of the time the mood is very serious, so I would advise to avoid going for a cute anime feel and aim more towards a more realistic, detailed version that relates more to the story. And I don’t mind fan-voice actors, I just think the voices should sound more real, less choppy. The characters should also look more like their descriptions.

  14. brittany12067:

    Love it

  15. blacksnowcatxx:

    GREAT fluid animation for the best animal series ever!!!!! and i LOVE rustys’ voice:)

  16. h0rsel0verme:

    lonheart looks like some ancient chinesse emperer lol

  17. RadioactiveKat22:

    this needs to be on tv ._.

  18. TheShadowwolf67:

    I like graystripe…… (3

  19. Themonstertrucknatio:

    weird how he fights him then his like hi there kitty pet

  20. mahomidzuchiniman:

    nice i like the way lionheart looks

  21. XionVinco:


    *GASP* Final Fantasy Soundtrack! 😀

  22. Shadowheart1995:


  23. hamruto23:

    the animation of firestar is really good

  24. Scourge781:

    you made these?!?!?!? i thought a company made these and you put them on here! THIS IS EPICSAUCE GOOD!! amazing anamation, that takes talent i wish i had!

  25. ShinyUmbreon13:

    The mouse. Is. KAWAII!!!