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Декабрь 2011
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Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!


Cat Attacks Dog! This is a video taken of our cat, Leo and German Shepherd, Katie. We rescued both of them from an animal shelter. Leo recently passed away… we miss him very much.

Heavy rain in Southern California caused our apartment to flood, but luckily Sassy was able to reach dry ground. Subscribe and spread the word about our channel, thanks! cat cats wet escape flooded apartment flooding water hates scared meow los angeles record rainfall valley march 2011 kitty kitteh animals pets rain
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25 комм. на “Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!”

  1. RegoSaya:

    2009 huh? what was your dog up to around that time I wonder xD but seriously the cat has my respect.

  2. bg11215:

    LOL the cat sits there all triumphant like a queen who just regained her territory as the dog retreats defeated.

  3. sharamandarata:

    R.I.P Leo

  4. ColorMT:

    Oh mann diese lache xD

  5. gtsimulator:

    Cat: Move that’s my pillow.
    Dog: Can we share?
    Cat: No, fuck off.
    Dog: Look there is some space on my right.
    *Dog turns face right to point at it*
    *While dog is turning cat does ninja attack*
    Cat: Get off, or else…
    Dog: Fine, I got better things to do.
    Cat: Yea, thought so. Who’s the pussy now?

  6. yukito2345:


  7. modestlambchop:

    I have a shepherd and an orange tabby. The cat abuses the dog daily and the dogs like. «What did I do???»

  8. iluvbieberfever13:

    @fenia62 wt loss? Did the cat die?!? Omg! :’( RIP

  9. RobiDisLike:

    Ich hasse Katzen. Sie sind bösartig. Der arme Hund ._. … Hunde sind toll :3

  10. michel6:

    0:11 Veigar laugh

  11. lee537100:

    cat:*ninja attack*
    dog:fine ill move

    CAT WINZ («-_-»)

  12. fenia62:

    I’m sorry for your loss.Leo was really cute.

  13. rebbel81:

    Cat: It’s my pillow not urs!

    Dog: fine take it. I’m out!

  14. manuellcamelo:

    Nelson laugh? O_O 0:30

  15. ArcticRunners:

    Hey! That`s my spot! U got 3 sec to move! 1..2..3!! CHARGE!

  16. WarWagon683:

    litl fag laugh xD

  17. Thelasttimelord10:


  18. metalero690:

    @vitali22222 xDDD

  19. cat885:

    Sorry for your loss. Your cat was really cute.

  20. Tigerlilli134:

    Your laugh sounds familiar, have I met you before? (she scratches her head)

  21. AdeptusAntares:

    oh snap!

  22. Mitjitsu:

    I’m pretty sure that dog could of ripped that cats head off it he wanted to.

  23. bidroid:

    My Dog is also a GSD (i have some vids) and that cat attacked him when he was a puppy now his only destiny is to kill him, once he bite him very hard but it was on leash and i saved him lol. A cat can’t do nothing if the dog is very upset.

  24. AllISee422:

    @Mrgunlover2 ..a stray dog tore one up the other day it was quit amusing blood everywhere

  25. perrigo68:

    Landlord says no ,but when I own my place getting a dog is on the top of the list