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Декабрь 2011
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Project: Rant – RANT 020: Dear Cat (Eff You!)


Pet abuse is a serious issue. Being abused by your pet is seriouser. Actor: Cyndi Williams.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “Project: Rant – RANT 020: Dear Cat (Eff You!)”

  1. brookegrvs:

    I am cracking up! I love my cats, but I soooo know how it feels when they claw the crap out of you, or pee on your pillow (yes, my cat peed on my pillow!). I have definately shunned my cats for weeks at a time.

  2. luckyclover74:

    haha! this actually happened to my theatre teacher!!! lol :)

  3. ZachariasLePuertre:

    I love this woman. :-)

  4. afonscp:

    OMG! This was hilarious!!!!! x’D

  5. avalanchesoul:

    yeah! fuck cats!

  6. Pieguy302:


  7. GoNoAMMo:

    Speaking of black eyes and bad eyeliner, Reminds me of this great concealer I found that’s made to cover up everything. It was actually designed for burn victims and whatnot, so it’s supposed to work for everything. Cover FX at Sephora.

    Also, when black eyes are fresh, they’re still red on the sides, so some blush or red lipstick, even would’ve helped it look more realistic.

    Anyway, it made me think of my cat, who scratches me at nigh, sometimes…

  8. toomuch4u1vidz:

    you should name it dear pussy

  9. 1RavenFox:

    Awesomely funny!

  10. CaptSnugglesSwoon:

    Do you just have a ton of differnt clips of people saying rant? It seems that it is differnt every episode…

    you should edit them all into a song

  11. sweetbookworm87:

    this is hilarious! and more funny because i actually know a woman that this happened to!

  12. AppleDapples4Life:

    Lol hmmmm maybe it was an accident crazy lady!!! :p

  13. CornFedArmen:

    some people just aren’t cut out for pet ownership.

  14. MizzMizea:

    Ahahaha… one of my favorites so far~

  15. AgRo518:


    …..I WILL…close the bedroom door…

  16. GiloLAAG2:

    I’d have punched that cat back.

  17. samyruo101:

    @kazomatt most professional female actors prefer the term «actor»

  18. ncfwhitetigress:

    @ReccaDreamer Revolt?? They already own us. That head butt was just the cat giving a reminder to the «owner» about who wears the pants in the household.

  19. ncfwhitetigress:

    I know a cat that used to open doors by head butting them. Never saw her do it though. She belonged to a friend…

  20. ProjectRANTtoo:

    @ReccaDreamer I for one welcome our new Cat overlords.

  21. Winter1012:

    I love how I don’t even doubt that a cat would randomly head butt their owner in the eye one night. Say what you will. Cats are so intelligent that they border on psychotic. This scenario is highly possible.

    Oh and people, stop with the cat vs dog nonsense. Both animals are equally psychotic in their own furry ways and they’re both equally cute.

  22. sungyultaylor:

    Hahahahaha!!! Halarious!

  23. ProjectRANT:

    @recessiondrug That’s a reflection of our huge budget ;)

  24. ProjectRANT:

    @SupahNoodle We have a lot of submissions, but we also spend a lot of time hunting down posts in Craigslist and Facebook. Thanks for the question and the compliment!

  25. SupahNoodle:

    these are hilarious!!! where do you find these? hahaha