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Декабрь 2011
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Crazy Cat in Bathtub


Our cat had a little diareah problem, and had fecies all over her fur, we decided to wash her in the tub. She did NOT like that, but she had to be washed:) The Cat is OK and was not harmed. *The scissors were used to trim the dog whom had a bath prior to this event(got a mail from someone who said it was barbaric to trim the cat)

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25 комм. на “Crazy Cat in Bathtub”

  1. GoddessOfCats:

    @mrsmakeupmonday Ehh, no it isn’t. If your cat was covered in shit, would you just leave it? No, I don’t think you would. Unless your a dirty bastard who dosen’t give a flying fuck about your pet.

  2. mrsmakeupmonday:

    This is really mean it’s animal cruelty

  3. nomad27:

    This IS the funniest youtube video eva!

  4. sunnymuffin65:

    My cat’s worse.. he is screaming and he tries to get out..

  5. DHMunroe:

    That cat couldn’t get ANY sort of traction for a moment there… XD

  6. gaberhunter:

    I would clean my cat too, but I have to admit that running was quite funny. :)

  7. lilylatimer:

    Not cool!!! I like cat’s!!!

  8. tdzero:

    Your kitty is doing the running man right.

  9. CraveGame:

    Human: HOLD STILL!!

    (repeat for next 20 seconds….)

  10. Ywowich:

    @Zappaman88 Hehe my cat got to 23 years old.

  11. misscassielove:

    that is funny as shit ! love it .the cat is fine it is what it is .

  12. ariasdesigner:

    ooh…pore kitty

  13. gnart0505:

    hhahhHAHAHAHA that’s hilarious!

  14. Myeshia:


  15. int167:

    Cat running on invisible conveyor belt

  16. hellbelley:


  17. XPicklenewtX:

    @blissflower1969 oh…awkward…….

  18. arzgania:

    That’s one wet pussy.

  19. xlongyujax:

    Tell the haters to shut fuck up. If you havent told them ill tell them myself. STFU before you talk smack. If you pet was covered in shit but hated taking baths, than do you not clean your pet? If so you shouldnt even own an animal of any sort period.

    I want my puppy healthy, if she has shit on her, im going to clean her up even if she likes it or not, period.

  20. dagks:

    @Zappaman88 Konge video XD

  21. MisakiTheJinchuuriki:

    Cat- Lemme go! Lemme GO! *lets go* Yes! No! CRAP! SHIT! WHY MEE!! *Jumps out the side* MOVE DOG!

  22. LoopyBunny53:

    aw i was like she cant get out

  23. Sherpaful:

    This is funny. Sometimes ya gotta bath your cat if it wants to or not.

  24. callmeshelly1991:

    this is too funny.

  25. chocolatepuff718:

    Who needs a treadmill vs this version of a sliding cat.


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