Cats 14 The Moments of Happiness


Cats 14 The Moments of Happiness.

If you’re not a cat, you won’t like it. If you are a cat and share my cat’s love for birds, you’re going to like it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Cats 14 The Moments of Happiness”

  1. bublegvsmefever:

    @sweetiegrl41 what do you mean she died??

  2. sweetiegrl41:

    At the end of Jemima’s solo, I thought, «Darn she died» 😛

  3. MSABC991:

    I love Jemima in this song!!! Her voice is just beautiful!

  4. oldmoviesfan1:


  5. Jumpfoot2:

    the three of us down in the elevator ….

    Mungojerrie: * Our new lift! You go on the floor and wham, there you go.

    They are so dumb to do.
    Elevator goes down.

  6. livetofly935:

    freaking (as a guy dont usualy say this) beautiful voice Jemima is (again) cute 🙂

  7. oneListhename:

    the choreography is amazing

  8. ShadowD101:

    so this is what cats are really doing when they leave your home huh who knew lol

  9. beccaRed11:

    @Davida0608 i think they were very smart to do it this way…. i felt the same when i learned that, i felt a bit disappointed… but the charm of jemima here is that she beautiful/very cute and innocent looking, and the voice is so angelic

  10. HayleeHalogenX:

    Oh how this scene tears me up. Ever since I was little, I thought it was about mortality, and how some of the cats seem to have a wisdom of their deaths, but are perfectly aware of something much better beyond it. Cassandra especially shows it in her eyes, like «I know you’re scared, but its okay.»

  11. HR324mfx:

    I love so much hear the sweet and beautiful voice of Jemima. ;D

  12. Davida0608:

    I love how she sings it’s a littel bit sad that its not her real voice

  13. Disney6530:

    I love this Part so much…is so beautiful and sad…I must cry every time if I hear it *___*

  14. Disney6530:

    @Ringosgal78 When does she says it?…:’D

  15. O8oBubbleso8O:

    good god im in love (jemima)

  16. secretagenttigress:

    Why to do the toms have such small waists? Excluding Deuteronomy…..

  17. imajellicalgirl:

    @bookiegenious2345 bahaha «true dat» jk!

  18. bookiegenious2345:

    @imajellicalgirl Without them ‘Cats’ wouldn’t be ‘Cats’!!

  19. imajellicalgirl:

    @bookiegenious2345 Same here!! Started with the VHS then the DVD. Love this cast!

  20. bookiegenious2345:

    I used to watch this on tape every week when I was little. I always found this scene achingly beautiful.

  21. Kitten3475:

    @gcibbarelli Honestly? I am, sort of. I mean, yes yes she has a gorgeous voice and plays a very important part in the musical, but she’s not the only cat who can sing well. Like at once point when I was watching Memory (Reprise), many of the comments were about Jemima’s small part, when the focus is on Grizabella. But hey! That’s just my opinion. 🙂

  22. gcibbarelli:

    @Kitten3475 you make it sound like you sick of hearing jemimas name

  23. LPSskalet98:

    why there only my views?

  24. PinkRangerVida:

    @daNCefORevER189: Because it’s a dub recorded in a studio. She’s not singing; her Dutch accent was too heavy for the producers. So a girl named Hanna recorded the vocals for her and she was dubbed.

  25. Divaratrika:

    @talent1821 Deut sings the actually message but no one can understand so then he sends it through some one who will make the others understand it

  26. hayhay4167:

    My cat was looking around my computer. I found it funny.

  27. Dollymayfrosty:

    My cat was fascinated by this. xD

  28. XpurpleXmonster:

    my cat was watching it then he looked behind my lap top and seen nothing so he walked a way

  29. ThePaulGrant:

    My cat loves this video! We have to monitor him to make sure he doesn’t try and pounce on them, and in the process knock over my HD TV.

  30. 4fabfelines:

    @Spez718 ha ha yeah some have that attitude..

  31. SimonD157:

    Upgrade your quality buy a hd cam and bring the cam closer .

  32. donisi4:

    my kitty loved it =) she stayed on my lap biting my arm watching the video lol she’s so silly

  33. buckshit2008:

    cat fell asleep,. paper bag is more fascinating.

  34. Hisako:

    My cat was enthralled for about 6 min and then he decided to have a closer look..then he realized it wasn’t real and left

  35. felixgaunt:

    mine was more interested in food, fat shit


    I find this amusing because I love birds. =3

  37. battyguy:

    Billy the himmy cat loves this. My ipad is now a$700 cat toy!!

  38. fingersmcginty:

    Our cat pawed the laptop, scratching the screen, ripped out the AC adapter (fortunately its a «magsafe» and there was no damage), and generally was very curious. The problem I have with these videos: are they cruel? He can’t get at them (not that I want him to kill a bird), so its frustrating—I turned it off after about two minutes, but it was intriguing to watch his reaction. Sort of like looking for the wizard of oz behind the curtain.

  39. richardmcginty:

    My cat flipped his shit and broke the monitor. Well fucking done.

  40. stinkepopotiger:

    my cat enjoyed it 🙂

  41. IntricateSunset:

    .. My cat didn’t even turn his fucking head.

  42. iPompeoooooo:

    my cats fell asleep to this

  43. RockGeek00:

    my cat went nuts for it thanks

  44. animegirl13pain:

    lol. my kitten lunged at the laptop screen. after i pulled her off the laptop she just sat on my chest purring and watching the rest. 🙂 thanks. she finds this really amusing!

  45. hikerchick234:

    my cat is so distractable she didnt even look at the screen!!!! maybe it was becuz i just woke her up from a nap… X3

  46. Snowpoison455:

    my kitten clawed at my ipod screen!!!

  47. Ralpharama:

    My cat enjoys.

  48. beansly87:

    My cat loved this video, thanks!

  49. webkinzkingirl:

    my kitten, boo, must be afraid of birds. she just ran under my bed like a bat outta hell. lol

  50. ClassicCPvideos:

    My cat loves this video!! I’ve played it twice, for the first time he watched it the enitre time. The second time he fell asleep to it!