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Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats


Video Cast Admetus, Rumpus Cat – Frank Thompson Alonzo – Jason Gardiner Asparagus – Tony Timberlake Bombalurina – Rosemarie Ford Bustopher Jones – James Barron Cassandra – Rebecca Parker Coricopat – Tommi Shiden Demeter – Aeva May Electra – Leah Sue Morland Etcetera – Jo Bingham Exotica – Femi Taylor Gus The Theatre Cat – John Mills Grizabella – Elaine Paige Jellylorum – Susan Jane Tanner Jemima – Veerle Casteleyn Jennyanydots – Susie McKenna Mungojerrie – Drew Varley Munkustrap – Michael Gruber Old Deuteronomy – Ken Page Plato, Macavity – Bryn Walters Pouncival – Karl Morgan Mistoffelees, Quaxo – Jacob Brent Rumpleteazer – Jo Gibb Rum Tum Tugger – John Partridge Skimbleshanks – Geoffrey Garrat Tantomile – Kaye Brown Tumblebrutus – Fergus Logan Victoria – Phyllida Crowley Smith
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Inception Cat will haunt your dreams Music: Zack Hemsey – Mind Heist (Inception trailer)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats”

  1. Keresana15:

    85 people are Peeks and Policles….

  2. xjamescollins:

    @MragheProductions Agreed!

  3. mattkazgirl:

    My thearte group us doing this :]

  4. MoonyMcMoonykins:

    @carihigs Actually, indoors they’re surprisingly warm. I make my own CATS costumes and wear them to conventions, and running around inside a convention centre wearing a unitard, armwarmers, legwarmers and a wig actually becomes ridiculously hot! I and the rest of my CATS group usually have to retreat outdoors several times to cool down during a day at a con, or we’ll overheat.

  5. MragheProductions:

    it’s incredible that shit music like «justin bieber» has more view than this masterpiece .-.

  6. xxariane69xx:

    this is our play for feb! this is kinda hard right?

  7. xxxRosexxx2:

    Best musical ever <3 actually so is lion king! wow i must like cats or something…

  8. Atlantis828:

    I love this song.

  9. mrpartyboyful:

    85 people are rats

  10. MirabellaQuimbey:

    @claranibel Well I thought they were related to jelly or something after all they are Jellicle

  11. claranibel:

    @MirabellaQuimbey hm…wikipedia says the term «jellicle cats» is a variation on «dear little cats», but, who knows…i used to always think it just meant they were mischievous, or something. :)

  12. MirabellaQuimbey:

    @carihigs weird

  13. carihigs:

    @LadyGagaFanatic4life Actually, I bet they aren’t. In our color guard, we had to wear skin tight costumes like these. They were very breezy, since the material was so thin. :P

  14. carihigs:

    @tarotbear Yes, your opinion is the reason that this is the second longest running show in Broadway history. Obviously people other than you like it. Chill.

  15. carihigs:

    @MirabellaQuimbey I think it was supposed to be playing on the word «angelical». That’s just my guess, though.

  16. Mamawaldi07:

    @JedediahForeverMD Guess that makes you a pussy

  17. zorbhead:

    Okay I dont get this. Why the FREAK Do people dislike? Eh?! The likes are the people who CAME here because they SEARCHED it. Or just they love it. WHY DISLIKE!? It’s like, Telling someone they’re taste is wrong.This is why I never dislike videos.

  18. MirabellaQuimbey:

    @TheMarko78 What does jellicle mean? Jelly? they’re jelly cats?

  19. redpanda1571:

    @GIRLSKATER6 When the local high school did Cats, i swear they pointed at me during that part.

  20. MirabellaQuimbey:

    I wonder what Jellicle means? Is that even a real word?

  21. TotallyInsane1000:

    240p…we meet again.

  22. randzcute02:

    panu idownload 2 ?

  23. randzcute02:

    panu idownload 2 ?

  24. THEteeenROX9GODesss:

    @Puppetmaster5434 in like a model pose? lol i c now

  25. THEteeenROX9GODesss:

    @Puppetmaster5434 w@ cassandra?

  26. daidaiisawsome:

    8| … miauw??…

  27. CCCM89:

    this amuses me in ways I didn’t belive was possible

  28. LucetTheHedgehog:

    I love this vid so much…

  29. AquaXranoX:

    that’s creepy..

  30. 91FroSt91:



  31. kvnyay:

    That is how i enter every dream from now on.

  32. adevland:

    That deserves an Oscar for best feline acting.

  33. altcommand:

    @SpyengoEen You should have said «We need to go deepurrrr».

  34. LawlOverli:


  35. sylnanu:

    Soo cute!

  36. penguinBOY4623:

    ladies and gentlemen, the most epic cat in existence

  37. Amironz:


  38. K333N3R:


  39. MarkoMaricDark:

    This cat is fucking scary

  40. HoukouAoi123:


  41. therobb2010:

    its modern warfare 3 cat :D

  42. jfriggin:

    i call (slow-mo) hi-jinx upon this cat.

  43. ninjagamer1997:

    @charlottethacker94 that’s what the god of music, Hans Zimmer, does

  44. xandl09:

    awesome :D

  45. Shitwalkerify:

    @FlyingOverTr0ut its not important the music is just nice

  46. FlyingOverTr0ut:

    @Shitwalkerify You know the uploader didn’t compose it, right? It was in a popular American film called «Inception».

  47. npalardy:

    I thought it was a screamer, everything went better than expected :D

  48. noooooooooam:


  49. JaneMaroni:

    nice animals show page

  50. punkrockgirl56:

    thats not more than a picture of a cat ô.o xD