episode 2 part 1 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation


Artist’s Comments in part 3. Welcome back to SSS Warrior fan animation account dear friends, Thank you for watching part 1, really appreciate it ! here is the link to part 2: www.youtube.com *** Brief credits for your reference: Original Warrior Cats book series Erin Hunter Warrior Cats book official website www.warriorcats.com Fan animation director Yuji Animator Yuji Zing Coloring/ Shading Chris/ Tail 230 Gingajinketsukoushi Nick Sarah Susi Yuji Zing Voices Rusty Kou Rwr/ gingajinketsukoushi Whitestorm John Rohrer Lionheart Stephen Bluestar Shannon Longtail Nick Smudge Chris Greypaw Jerrymojo2 Cat Crowds Chris Kiwi Mat Todd Zing SSSWarriorcats Forum by Kai/ Splotcat ssswarriorcats.proboards.com Musics Truelight — theme for DNAngel Inuyasha Instrumental Music 4 — Miki Watanab Storm — the Yoshida Brothers Untitled — Royalty Free MonkeyBirds — Iain Ballamy Kamimi Festival — Okami Soundtrack D-Technolife — Uverworld Ending song- Tsuki Senichiya Love Warriors
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My cat likes to fight with the dog. I have no idea what makes him think he stands a chance against someone 10 times his size.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 комментариев на “episode 2 part 1 — SSS Warrior cats fan animation”

  1. Theilovepolymerclay1:

    why is whitestorm a ninja??? but i love it

  2. changkitty:

    @SnowstormWarriorCat ikr 😀

  3. kimgirl7777:

    this is a warriors cat video that is awesome finally one that i can enjoy =^.^=

  4. careshare12:

    i love this ive wathched it so many times ive almost memerized the theme song amazing work guys.

  5. 666bleed4you666:

    I’ve never heard of Warrior Cats until now… And I love your fan animation. It’s great. I say you should team up with the author and actually produce the show 🙂

  6. MultiSheeplover:

    Whitestorm’s voice is awsome

  7. Bobkillerjr:


  8. ProbeShadow:

    @emodefying2 and i actunlly said she

  9. theChipmunkCheeks:

    Whitestorm: The Ninja!!

  10. BeastlyXninja:

    Does every1 have special ability like WhiteSTORM

  11. SuperMrbowwow:

    wild cats ain’t fwiendly wusty

  12. LittleNinjaPuppy:

    i cant even get to watch the episode because i keep playing the opening over and over and over

  13. loplsophia7:

    i like white storm an the main character as my favorites

  14. hamtarofan4000:

    Re watching this for like the hundreth time. Watching this I can’t imagine how long this took to make let alone the intro. Which I think is REEEEEEEALLY epic. Keep up the awesome work.

  15. AgentSpyBlast:


  16. NinjadKitty:

    Please and thank you!

  17. Shadowpaw67:

    Love the music for this one <3

  18. KirbyPwnage:

    @journalchirp cuz he’s just awesome that way

  19. SkyClanMoonshadowCat:

    Rusty looks so cute. ^.^ And you guys are absolutely magical with drawing and stuff.

  20. journalchirp:

    Whitestorm ninja kitteh! But why does it seem like he has magical powers with wind?

  21. nerfgodfathers:

    make more!

  22. catsrmylife129:

    That’s AWESOME!!!!!!

  23. Paullee1147:

    whitestorms pretty quiet compared to the other characters

  24. TheChipettesRule806:

    Whitestorm, has za power

  25. SAYSAY2610:

    Rusty’s voice kinda sounds like Ash’s voice. xD I just realized them.

  26. georgetaggart1:

    cat wins the cat hits the face with a scratch

  27. Zackary747:

    They are cute anmials. my cat looks just like that.

  28. nunua4:

    cat beat up that dog ha fat cat

  29. kogxompax:

    I saw a dog owner who was stupid enough to unleash his Rotweiler at a cat just to make some kind of point, pretty much in the same reasoning as in some of the comments made about this video clip. The cat jumped up and and grabbed hold of the neck of the Rotweiler using the claws of the back paws to rapidly rip out both eyes and turn the face of the Rotweiler into a bloody mess. It was just horrible! The Rotweiler had to be put down and the cat got away with some tooth marks on the back thighs.

  30. flameringstudios:

    @silversification true

  31. silversification:

    but dogs could easily finish them.especially when there bigger and faster.

  32. silversification:

    cause they probably playing.my dog does that to my hand when we play.

  33. flameringstudios:

    Dog’s might be bigger but cats know how to fight.

  34. doctrui:

    Lol, dog’s moves are far too slow and predictable!

  35. nuc8211:

    Does the dog want to eat the cat.

  36. Koyuki14:

    hehhehe I like that » winner» yell at the end. hehe and I love how the cat’s name is George.

  37. SafZako:

    who ever says that there really fighting clearly dont own pets :L cats are faster and more reflex like sum1 says but also if that dog got hold of that cat it would easylie kill it. it knows how powerful its jaws are on the cat thats why its jus going in for it but not actualy biteing down 😛 cute pets.

  38. dual8x:


  39. Sam12T:

    omgosh that dog is being so gentle with the cat…but this is hilarious..reminds me of how silly my cats are

  40. spike8007:

    cat fight in the cafeteria

  41. tyreone843:

    this shit is funny

  42. TheSantanaPker:

    People have no idea how much cats are faster then dogs. They have a better reflex, and can run much faster.

    OBVIOUSLY there playing around.

  43. driftingFTW:

    Props to the cat, his head could fit completely inside the dogs mouth but he’s still going after him.

  44. babyejay13:

    lol…..the dog look like it wanted 2 EAT the cat…w.o.w

  45. cibeleblanco:

    at 2:01
    dog: «who left this pad here?»

  46. cibeleblanco:

    At the jungle, felines atack animals much bigger than them

  47. Rayarena:

    It’s interesting, they are play fighting, but the cat is doing something that I think that if he were angry and really fighting he would do, he always goes towards neck. Perhaps he instinctively knows that that might be the weak part.

  48. Rayarena:

    You know why your cat fight feels that he can fight against someone 10 times his own size? Because cats are very spunky! That’s what I like about cats!

  49. kinley85:


  50. FreakoutFreakshow:

    Out of all the MMA cat and Dog vids this cat has the best vicious all out hooks, he puts his whole body in motion before he lands like he’s trying to KO the dog, great fight that cat has some grape fruits down thereto stand up and go toe to toe like that, most cats stay on the back.
    He would be great competition against Edgar the Sasquatch, a KO Artist vs a Ju-Jitsu Black belt, check him on my other account, Godgotron is the name of the account.