Project: Rant — RANT 065: Flower Bed Cat


This man is on a mission to keep his flowers feces free! Actor: RajGopal Bidari. Director: Shiraz Jafri. Real online rants recreated in video with actors.

Jesse, Meeuwes, and an ever growing cast of people helping out work to create the best RPG map ever for minecraft… Digg This! — Reddit! — Tweet This! — Facebook! — Twitter! — Twitter2! —

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50 комментариев на “Project: Rant — RANT 065: Flower Bed Cat”

  1. parkesc21:

    nothin like that «fresh DUMP punch me in the face» line to make him sound like a proud redneck

  2. HigherLove70:

    A new star is born. He did a really good job getting into the character. Production, using the night vision camera to set up for the Water hose attack, brilliant. Truly gets the comedy behind the rant.

  3. IFearTheImpaler:

    when he said I’m going to light your ass up with water, my computer had to buffer so he said: this is your last warning before I light your ass… I could have sworn he was going to say ON FIRE! and kick the air like coach Heinz.

  4. bimmer881:

    Haha so funny

  5. PRussell303:

    This is STILL my favorite rant

  6. redraven117:

    i had a dog problem of this sort B.B. gun in ass knuf said

  7. macswanson1:

    Saudi lookin’ dude playin’ a redneck? Fail

  8. xYourThumbsAreGayX:

    i love his mustache!

  9. 0xAcesHigh:

    Epic. Win.

  10. firefly8900:

    Was anyone else shocked that he had a water hose instead of a gun or something? I mean his character looks redneck.Haha (:

  11. MotorCityKitty79:

    @ProjectRANT It’s sexy. 🙂


    This particular rant is probably the funniest next to number ten and: YOUR KIDS ARE ALL NAMED THE SAME THING!

  13. ScubaSteve1974:

    Oh scoops!

  14. madasnave:

    love that he got the red neck accent perfictly he sounds like one of my reletivies or the guys that live in this area even though that house looks like suberbia

  15. ProjectRANTtoo:

    @taroo219 There are more in the works, we promise. Thanks for watching!

  16. galex50:

    dude! get a gun!

  17. pschodog3:

    This man just inspired me to grow a curly stachbeard.

  18. ProjectRANT:

    @JokerShadow131 Nope, it’s real.

  19. JokerShadow131:

    please tell me that handlebar mustachio is fake…

  20. stingstungme:

    Little kitty was just trying to save him some money by fertilizing the flowers directly.

  21. taroo219:

    haha i love this actor! there should be more rants with him.

  22. ADamnedAthiest:

    His mustache is hella epic

  23. samz10100:

    IM IN IT TO WIN IT! BITCH!!! lmao

  24. TheVikingDoctor:

    Beat that pussy.

  25. teasaiocht:

    I laughed the whole time.

  26. ook662:

    yogscast shadow of israphael

  27. PastryImplosion:

    Anybody get the Spacker le Chuck reference?

  28. 67fofo:

    when they finish the yogscast needs to play this.

  29. Archfiend32:


  30. DiggyDwarf12:

    @OMFGcata: When I get my new laptop, I WILL PLAY THIS

  31. clementeng123:

    @OMFGcata 😀

  32. blankman30714:

    @TecknoBump Check the date this video was made

  33. TheBlackOpticFTW:


  34. exploder707:

    wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff what just happen i was playing wow and i was stop this video for like 2 hour and when i was dueling in wow something happen and its open and jesse start talking wtf?

  35. SuperGT240:


  36. MinecrafterEveryday:

    @ardipa2000 he has??!

  37. MrMcflooble:

    @TecknoBump That would be cool but I don’t know how they could do it.

  38. GxDvCinema:

    did it stop for anyone else at 5:31?

  39. stravaemail:

    SPACKER!!!!!!!!! 😀 <3 xD

  40. TecknoBump:

    how bought u make sand warriors and just have them send attacks at each others bases every now and then and u sometimes get stuck in the fight and forced to take sides

  41. HMSRaX:

    @draco2023a ‘Spacker’s from the Yogscast by the way’ They know.

  42. M03rkh0lt:

    well my idea for the pirates enemies would be a chivalrous knight faction in a Saladin like image

  43. draco2023a:


  44. CallMeDini:

    oooo spacker migrated

  45. whydondutale2myfase:

    Take that Germany!

  46. AJreader18:

    The name of the city is Alexandria !

  47. fusionfallmaster100:

    @qwertyuiop1029ish only spackers voice?
    EVERYBODY shud have Simon do EVERYBODIES voice cuz he is only good at that and blowing stuff up

  48. redy12345679:

    the air ship is fucking EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. AdminiumWarrior:

    Cabyon of the crecent moon, temple of the holy grail.
    1- Breath of god (Only the respectful man may pass)
    2- Word of god (Only in gods steps will he procede)
    3- Leap of faith.

  50. funkid220:

    he shud hav jumped to meuwess’s pillar.