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Michael Rupp vs Riley Cote Mar 23, 2009


Michael Rupp vs Riley Cote from the New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers game on Mar 23, 2009. via www.hockeyfights.com

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25 комм. на “Michael Rupp vs Riley Cote Mar 23, 2009”

  1. silkroadude:

    cote is tuff dude he can take a hit, and rupp can throw em for bein a big guy

  2. sinchey:

    cote cool

  3. a7x1234568:

    colton orr killed rupp before

  4. 48dannybriere48:

    it rocks!!!!!!!!

  5. Jrsocci:

    Mike Rupp isn’t much of a fighter but he got the best of Cote here.

    I don’t think Cote has won a fight since Andre Roy.

  6. huntercalgary:

    weepy removed by hunter….

  7. worlddisorder66:

    i luv mike rupps fites

  8. huntercalgary:

    YaWeepyBitch (2 hours ago)
    «nobody easier that that»
    YaWeepyBitch (2 hours ago)
    «now junp through a hoop»
    YaWeepyBitch (2 hours ago)
    «try soething new»

    i’ve got this boy rattled…lol

  9. iRock10005000:

    Riley Cote sucks!

  10. Nash84:

    If by good you mean repeatedly getting his face beaten in, then yes.

  11. guzmansise:

    Rupp won round 1 vs orr. Orr took rd 2.

  12. guzmansise:

    Rupp repeatedly pounded cote. i felt bad for his wife she had to see him take so much abuse to the left side of his face.

    Next monday when the devils are up by 2 or 3 rupp will go after orr

  13. Rgudge:

    ya you do throw some good points in there, technique plays a very big part too, i just hate rupp so =) i just like to rag on him, other than that i agree with you, size isn’t everything, although its a big + if you have size.

  14. metalheadsince94:

    cote won

  15. buttkick22:

    agree to disagree i guess….its not like he’s fighting small guys orr is no slouch and he is 1 and 1 vs him……im not a jersey or orr fan im just sayin size can help but it isnt everything, not even close….and i hate domi too im just sayin the guy was like 5 11 and fought everyone and beat alot including probert…..technique will usually always beat raw power….thats y guys like boogaard and fritz get worked every few fights

  16. Rgudge:

    a majority of the time they should win..im saying if your rupp, and you fight anyone of under your size lets say 10 times..he should win 8-9 fights everytime..i just cant stand how devils fan suck this guy off so much when hes not that good of a fighter..and please dont even mention domi, i hate that little turd..he was a cheapshotting bitch.

  17. xDilemmachinex:

    Rupp killed him this time, but it seems like Cote always has good fights! Haha.

  18. buttkick22:

    so anyone who is bigger than their opponent should win everytime?…..so guys like ray, domi, stock, tootoo, and asham shouldn’t even try?……Size can be an advantage and a disadvantage……and orr has some of the longest arms in the league…..i’m not trying to offend u i’m just trying to understand ur logic

  19. Rgudge:

    as he should with the height advantage an probably weight..has rupp ever knocked down orr in one punch? when the reach advantage is competely against orr? nope, i do remember him winning the first fight, as he should.

  20. BunkdPB:

    Cote just got pwnt.

  21. YaWeepyBitch:

    your unconditional surrender is accepted my little circus monkey

  22. buttkick22:

    he doesn’t fight that much (until this year really) but he doesn’t suck……he beat orr the first time they fought do u remember that

  23. BlueshirtBrawler:

    That pisses me off, Rupp gets a good 7 or 8 shots in then falls and Cote has to honor the code and not him while he’s down. I’m sure those two will be meeting again. Yeah Cote lost this one and I HATE Philly but Cote is a tough dude.

  24. MayerBasic:

    Rupp was never a fighter until just this season. He’s adapting to his new role on the fly, which is why Clarkson is sharing the work load.

  25. Rgudge:

    man lots of michael rupp suck boys..rupp can’t fight either, a man his size should be awesome..but he’d get destroyed by laraque, chara, tootoo(who i think is up there, guys a beast) and i even re-call orr knocking down rupp in one punch..yaaa rupp aint shit either, cote loses every fight he gets into tho.