Cats Musical part 1


Cats Musical part 1
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25 комментариев на “Cats Musical part 1”

  1. FanOfThePhantom:

    I have the possums book of practicle cats. Its just all the songs in the movie and some songs that arnt.

  2. Mattyfaust09:

    ummmmmmmmm ok wierd

  3. rannybia:

    i love you

  4. rannybia:

    eu vou apresentar uma danca deles dia01/12/2011..

  5. Iam4GreenDay:

    i love CATS so much that i’m putting on my own production of it anybody that lives in Cottonwood AZ let me know if you want to be in it

  6. wolby2010:

    aah 240p we meet again

  7. IWillUseMyOperaVoice:

    I loved this musical since i was a toddler- you are the best!!!

  8. olivia22145:

    The begining scared me when I was little ._.

  9. OnaCR96:

    Thank you…so…much!

  10. NanaMatronic:

    I played Jemima in my theatre school production! Such an amazing role!

  11. ShotOfVenom:

    @animalgrl123456 jealous =3

  12. animalgrl123456:

    i’m doing the make-up for this play that some highschoolers are doing. 😀 so stoked!

  13. Ninjachamp15:

    the musical is about jellical cats who gather once a year at the jellical ball At this time, all the cats try and show there talents and try to get picked to get reborn and go into another jellical cat life They pretty much shun an old lady cat because she is old and smelly but she is sad because she used to be a pretty cat and left the cats to see the world when she was young. At the end she catches Old Duranomy’s attention the leaders when she sings and she is picked to be reborn

  14. kitty21miller:

    i love this musical

  15. sushiboyjunya:

    Not my favorite musical, but one of the first I’ve seen.

  16. MrsBrandybuck:

    I love you so much for uploading this~ x3
    I used to watch this with my grammie a lot when I was little <3
    The VHS is still on her shelf by the ancient VHS player xD ..tad dusty now though 😮

  17. xx1jmo1xx:

    what the fuck is this nightmare even about?

  18. kchanangel:

    first musical I ever watched and I have always loved it.

  19. EGPicturesStudios:

    The first musical play I ever watched on video. brings back memories since I saw this on VHS.

  20. AmbreCB2:

    oh.. shit.. i remember while watching this musical in live, one of the cats tried to invite a spectator on stage, haha ! XD Anyway, thanks for uploading it ! 😀

  21. AmbreCB2:

    oh.. damn.. i remember while watching this excellent musical one of the cats trying to invite a spectator on scene haha. Anyway, thanks SO much for uploading it ! 😀

  22. Mrsfurter99:

    Luv musicals

  23. AstralDragoon:

    @JuliaC96 I see it on and off in used DVD stores, but you can easily find it online, like on Decent deals.

  24. samkim1998:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!


    cats is my favorite musical!