Cat Howling Meowing loudly for attention


RIP Sneak….passed 6/3/2010…had him since I was 7 🙁 My dad went down to the basement and a couple minutes later our cat started howling for attention. He often does this anytime someone goes upstairs/downstairs or outside. He’s very needy 🙂
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25 комментариев на “Cat Howling Meowing loudly for attention”

  1. HPAVELOW53:

    that is one big cat

  2. Dazelled1:

    Hey, our cat starting doing this about a year ago. Then he went deaf and now he REALLY howls.

  3. MW3insanity:

    @sugarofthesea mee too

  4. Chiri135:

    Awww, he wanted some attention. My cat does that now. I can be in the shower and all of a sudden I’ll hear her meowing on the other side.

  5. snowcone393:

    My cat does that deep meow when he wants attention too. Sorry for your lost, Sneak looked like a very sweet cat.

  6. DaxB92:



  7. oneandonlycarmen997:

    Its saying I love you

  8. Mikurini:

    @sugarofthesea AHAHA! Me too xD

  9. WTYD:

    i wonder what hes saying,cuz ive been playing this video for the past 10 minutes and my cat meows back every time at 0:17 of the video

  10. jaboran1:

    a lot of cats make that sound for attention, i have one that goes in the basement gets on the rafters and makes that sound so you can hear him upstairs in all the vents he’ll do it till you say his special nick name then he comes running upstairs into your lap

  11. IsmailaGodHasHeard1:

    I am sorry for your loss. Sneak is in Heaven with Jesus. He is a beauty.

  12. bakumon824:

    I just saw this video but R.I.P. Sorry im bit late

  13. RcZandMore:

    I played this video with mah kitty and she went MENTAL!! cute cat 🙂

  14. BeQa92:

    R.I.P cat is my favourite creature:)

  15. calebhgoodwin:

    my cat does this at MIDNIGHT until i have to go to school!!

  16. FaeFirefly:

    @butchMB09 This is the sound my cat shadow would make when she brought up socks for attention (before it was actually mice, but since she killed them all… lol).

  17. 1414johncena:


  18. butchMB09:

    that’s what my cat sounds like before he barfs…

  19. bleachiko3cat3:

    my cat looked in the room and stared at me funny while playing this

  20. spartamixfan:

    @menoknow3 soz about the loss. that was adorable. he’s kinda like my dog penny. when she wants attention she squeals for it. sometimes bark and nibble and never leave you alone! R.I.P Sneak…

  21. angiwarrior18:

    LOL, i put my laptop down on the ground, while having this vid. on loud, my cat started sniffing & biting my laptop. xD

  22. pepsiann:

    is he really saying HELLO?!? that is just so cute, I’m so sorry for your loss.

  23. catsri7503:

    sorry for her loss such an adorable cat so cute much blessings thumbs up for the videos

  24. MrDerekLange:

    Open 5 tabs of this!

  25. menoknow3:

    @begginersatanist Not moving…boxes you see are ebay/amazon/website inventory like Bakugan and such 😛 That cat was in that house for all but the first 2-3 years of his 18 year life.