Nyan Cat in 3D


Since everyone seems to be begging for it, I added the 3D feature. I called it 3D because it’s 3D ANIMATION, not because it’s actual 3D. Comments are by approval only, and POSTING 5 TIMES WILL NOT GET IT APPROVED FASTER! I will accept NO comments having to do with «Dicks», Penises, or any other name for any kind of genitalia male or female, and will NOT tolerate insults to my morality or christianity. Also since I added the 3D feature to this video, I will promptly ignore any «OH THIS ISN’T 3D HERPA DERPA DERP!». Any of these comments will be unapproved and never replied to. This is the same video I made before, only with better quality audio, extended to 2 minutes, and credits added Made with Anim8or. I studied Nyan cat long and hard to get it absolutely perfect in this 3D animated form! Ar an Scáth Productions is on Facebook! LIKE IT!!! www.facebook.com Models © Ar an Scáth Productions

my ‘I fell asleep while uploading this’ late video description: Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock Jon Richardson and Micky Flanagan, those Jedward things, Charlie Brooker (yay!), Lorraine Kelly.

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  1. AranScathProductions:

    @SuperKirbylover1 I used Anim8or too. I’d really like to know why people keep asking how I made it because it’s in the description and the credits AND an annotation that it’s «Made in ANIM8OR»

  2. RobTheFail:

    This is like 1337 Epic Face Chuck Norris Double Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. butheadbros:


  4. JaketheMovieMaker:

    I hope this is secretly a tech demo for a videogame in development!

  5. 27YinYang:


  6. onthestcroix:

    my ears are bleeding three dimensional blood.


    Lyrics: Nyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanyanya

  8. CoolFeerman:


  9. saijaiantonio:


  10. CataxMiranda:

    I’ts the better Nyan Cat in 3D

  11. MikuMaker555:

    Cool! :DD

  12. TheSynphonyx:

    cómo es posible que esto se volviera famoso? jajajajjaja

  13. MultiMario852:

    yam yam yimmmmmi

  14. DjChxx:


  15. SuperKirbylover1:

    SO COOOLLL what 3d program did you use to make it i use anim8or

  16. cupcake21202:


  17. ededdneddyrulez543:

    was this made with mmd o3o

  18. jc0541:


  19. comicbookfever:

    spongebob verses justin bieber was a stupid vid! but this is much better.all i could say,this is better then any other! 😉 like some of them are sooooooo stupid like theres one where it’s 3D nyan cat but the whole thing was a square for every body part!!! but thanks to you im giving you a like!! 😉

  20. Tanmark1998:

    thumbs up for no reason 🙂

  21. MrBb100000:

    That’s actually kind of cute, i like it

  22. monstaslaya:

    Nyan cat! I choose you!

  23. ZangooseSlash:

    Alert=3D pop tarts contain 50% more air

  24. HelenRox98:

    this is creepy

  25. Superbanannaful:

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    Remember when music videos were uploaded by user and not VEVO

    Remember when all the info was to the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars?

    Remember the famous yellow subscribe button?

    Remember when the users controlled the site and not corporations?


    Post this in every video and lets start a youtube revolution!

    Thumbs up 2 keep at the top of the page

  26. emilyanime1999:

    i couldn’t watch this in 1 go, i think i had to stop and calm down from laughter about 8 times

  27. li200978:

    i love jedward

  28. aasimazam:

    @helen51100 This is what is wrong with the world — Jedward are not famous — they have not done anything to be famous. They a pair of generic engineered wankers designed to piss to the world off and teenage girls to wet their pants! They will fizzle out in a year or two — but the others in this show will remain for a very long time.

  29. helen51100:

    @aasimazam eh…YES they are actually literally eveyone has heard of jedward whether they love or hate them, they’ve still made themselves famous and yeh maybe these people were famous last century but more people will have heard of jedward than half these people. and how the hell are the ‘wingy’???? if you dont know what your talking about then just dont comment, simple.

  30. aasimazam:

    @helen51100 eh …. no! Those other people are way more famous than these two moany wingy arseholes!

  31. 00mileylover:

    WTH are Jedward doing at 11:01???

  32. flyworld3:

    Is Charlie Brooker just unhappy for the cameras?

  33. 76tezzyd:

    Are jedward gay?

  34. haywoodjabuzzoff:

    Those Jedwards are amazing, I would not have believed that one person could be that annoying, but two, thats incredible.

  35. schnorschrajaxx:

    @stacey2evaa no I don’t, I just felt like punching them. Good thing i’ve got two fists….

  36. dnizabhad:

    @WerewolfLover13 yeah. or just less shirts full stop 🙂

  37. bubblegumgirlsworld:

    i couldnt stand jedward in never mind the buzzcocks but theyre bearable in this one. i have to say though, they have learnt how to take jokes about themselves

  38. WerewolfLover13:

    I really like the shirt Jon is wearing 🙂 He should wear it again, or more shirts like it. XD

  39. pangpojken:

    This was the first time i came across «Jedward». Can say i don’t fancy them one bit. But with that said i just have to say I’m impressed with the british mental care, putting them on a TV-show instead of locking them up in some austrian basement.

  40. helen51100:

    i hate how they continuosly insult jedward….but they come across way better cos they just brush ut off and anyway they’re way more famous than any of them 😉

  41. GuitarHeroGabz:

    Micky Flanagan @ 9 mins….so funny!!

  42. Prisciloveshady:

    I love John and Edward!

  43. bryonythompson:

    Jimmy Carr’s laugh makes my life a wee bit better 🙂

  44. LondonPride25:

    Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker, Jon Richardson, Sean Lock, Micky Flanagan…brilliant. Lorraine Kelly…harmless and inoffensive. Jedward…fuck off.

  45. deliriumdoll:

    Someone teach Jedward the word ‘portmanteau’ if they are going to keep using that title!

  46. ZexyKay:

    i like how you call them «those jedward things»

  47. prabhyrehal:

    I’m Canadian and this is my 1st experience with jedward — don’t really like them — very annoying
    Please lock them up =)

  48. skooteroo:

    I’m so in love with Lorraine.

  49. EpicCurlyFry:

    I want to marry Charlie Brookers hair

  50. kerplookie17:

    Charlie Brooker, what even is your hair.