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700 Cats Rescued From Cruelty in Florida


The Humane Society of the United States rescued 700 cats that were living in deplorable conditions in Alachua County, Florida.

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25 комм. на “700 Cats Rescued From Cruelty in Florida”

  1. katboxjanitor:

    So glad that there were so many kitties HSUS was able to save from this failed «rescue».

    The kitties will have quite the road to recovery (physical, emotional, behavioral) but like the kitties rescued from Pahrump – their will to survive and adapt will surprise us.

  2. kiggles7:

    unbelievable to me how people can be so cruel to defenseless loving animals. thank God they were rescued when they were. i’m crying so hard for all these poor small sweet kitties…

  3. kittycattara:

    Yes…bless your hearts for helping these cats xoxo

  4. 1kayleighross:

    This makes me absolutely sick. I can’t believe someone would allow living, breathing creatures to LIVE in this condition. Thank God for the good people that went in to help.

  5. TheKawaii1000:

    I couldnt watch the rest of it when i saw the cats lip gone :,(

  6. MsTrance1:

    better life my assssss like 90% are out down

  7. Liuhuayue:

    @superbeauthy What do you mean by «our strays»? Are you breeding runaway cats…?

  8. Tinkiethechihuahua:

    I cant see a person hoarding or hurting an animal. Its like your killing a human! Like if your against animal cruelty

  9. ragga86:

    Those poor kitties. Are there any news on them?

  10. superbeauthy:

    Please can we spay all our strays. ? Please I have 0 and if I have no spay for them I will only get more.. then when will I be unable to care for them.?. Please we have to spay the strays ..

  11. inkey2:

    @cooldudewitpot I never liked cats either till i took in a stray kitten that was driving me nuts meowing his head off. If you get them young you can really mold their personalities. I am semi retired so I spent many hours with this cat…..he won me over….and…like you I am allergic to cats. I have been getting an allergy shot every week for 5 months. I have spent so much time socializing him that he is almost like a dog. He’ll jump in bed with me and wants to be hugged…LOL…it’s great

  12. katz10089:

    there should be a button for dislike and like on this video because i wanted to dislike cause of what the abusers did to the poor kittys and a like for how you guys saved them! :3

  13. TheKathrinSchmidt:


  14. TheKathrinSchmidt:


  15. MissSally95:

    The one disliker is a DOG ! -.-

  16. jennifergwaine:

    That is so sad that someone could let these poor cats suffer like this. How wonderful though that they were finally rescued and given the care that they so desperately needed. Shame on those hoarders.

  17. jephlog:

    God bless someone like you.. you cared animals

  18. wickedqueenamanda:

    WTF?! I should not have watched this video. I am so pissed at the people who did this to the poor kitties >:(

  19. ominousmaximus:

    A. animals are cool.
    B. People don’t need to hoard animals
    C. people that think animals are over humans are insane
    D. Animals make better food than pets.

  20. MichaelC2B:

    @philomycus Thank you!!!

  21. MichaelC2B:

    This is so sad it made me cry. God bless the people who are helping those precious cats – and for anybody leaving evil comments about cats – just drop dead, OK?

  22. ToontownPeachy:

    You people make me happy :) . It’s awesome that the cats get a nice home hopefully now :’3

  23. penelopeannj:

    If only people would spay and neuter. These voiceless babies need love and caring there are too many unwanted ones. People need to stop being selfish and do the right thing. Take care of your pets, help the unwanted ones and spay and neuter. never buy from a breeder, always go the a shelter!!!

  24. got2lovethatfire:

    Oh my gosh, crying watching this, it’s just so sad! Poor kitties :( I am so proud that people like the ASPCA care about animals like this, because if not for people like them, these kitties would have NO ONE.

  25. paulinispaulinis1:

    its a wonder how these cats are so friendly because often they show how they attact or run from people but this is so different here!