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Декабрь 2011
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These cats love drinking tap water


NCIX Esther wanted to shoot one more video of Linus’ kitties drinking water, so cute!

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25 комм. на “These cats love drinking tap water”

  1. Cooprocks123e:

    my cat likes tap water too

  2. Clapboardstudio:

    @MrKittenaddiction Yep! :D

  3. MrKittenaddiction:

    Are they Bengals?

  4. tytytyler15:

    Can they turn it on XD?

  5. TheDJGabizz:

    00:29 Cats like «WTF??»

  6. rajatgod:

    I dont have a cat but my pet dog likes to drink tap water .

  7. katia18ish:


  8. Unasigad:

    @EdvinDzafcic LOL!!

  9. GreatSteamingCatBox:


  10. WowMike2002:

    My cats do that ALL the time – they like moving water… I have a water fountain set up near my computer and they will sit there and play in it and drink from it.. nice way to entertain the cats :-)

  11. krutfarfarr:

    my cat does this and drinks out of the toilet^^

  12. MrComputereviews:


  13. PikKirby:

    I love geek jokes about everything linus does and has.

  14. gxs22654:

    Where did the water go?! What is this black magic?!!

  15. Zenshiro14:

    @idariustw 3GB video cards?

  16. Zenshiro14:

    @Alwyn1000 lol lol lol

  17. Playstation3Gamer10:

    wait……….. do these cats need external power for their GPU?

  18. Melonenarsch:

    Linus i love your cats their are soo funny and cheerful :)

  19. TylertheGeek28:

    lol 0:31 both of them are looking where the hell did it go

  20. margolo:

    Wow I have the exact same sink and tap lol

  21. idariustw:

    They run great in crossfire with water cooling.

  22. deejaydein:

    haha the cat at 0:28 is like: «wtf?»

  23. pumpuppthevolume:

    NOOOOOOOOOO WAY HE HAS A CHANEL CALLED LINUSCATTIPS BTW THAT VIDEO OF………sth an the cat on the desk and he was like thats a cat ….THAT WAS JUST AWESOME

  24. nobodypersonsomeone:

    The description must have been written by the cameraman because it obviously wasnt written by Linus or Esther

  25. Delcaroll:

    my cat likes to try to drink tap water like that xD