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Декабрь 2011
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Simon’s Cat ‘TV Dinner’


www.simonscat.com – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to gain its owner’s attention.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A look behind the experiment of IKEA UK’s release of 100 house cats into its Wembley store in the UK. Join us on Facebook facebook.com Look at the finished advert/commercial here youtu.be To celebrate the new IKEA catalogue IKEA have released a feline friendly Cat-alogue, which can be seen at ikeacat-alogue.co.uk

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50 комм. на “Simon’s Cat ‘TV Dinner’”

  1. itsjules13:

    legen *wait for it* dary

  2. goldbullet16:

    Would’ve thrown that cat

  3. misskatiefaye:

    That is my cat. Seriously. Ridiculous.

  4. axm014:

    hahahaha jus lik my cat, excpt he duz those antics to wake me up! cuuuuuuttttte

  5. melodyharmony17:

    Poor guy. He hasn’t learned rule number one of owning a cat: they NEVER listen. And the first day that one does is the day I eat kitty litter.

  6. BrennaColoritPink:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaalerious, I LOVED IT!!! AaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Pretty girls LOVE CATS AND KITTIES!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. armarm1212:

    I HATE cats

  8. bigbmusic1:

    Did you know they de-fur cats and eat them in China….I’m just say,

  9. TrueHarmony51:

    This is great, exactly how my cat acts too. :)

  10. amberdani38:

    I know this cat!

  11. gogeta12368:

    my cat always gets in my face while im watchin tv just to get its attetion and belive this i have 2 cats so double trouble!

  12. KickAssCthulhu:

    I love that somebody else is going through this!

  13. zalumofilms:


  14. Antonella1992T:

    ma io voglio questo grande rompi scatole a casaaaaaaaaaaaaaa **

  15. avenged7xguitar:

    Simon said a word!!

  16. avrilgirl6053:

    @LaDySaLLyMoRt omg im so sorry i wish she would me ok i love animals i have a 14 year old cat and he has arturitous and another one that is 12 and is really old. i feel your pain, keep going. I think animals are amazing

  17. aroost1:

    i LOVE IT

  18. LaDySaLLyMoRt:

    My 13 y.o. cat is dying of lung tumor and right now I’m watching this video, thinking «wow, I’m gonna miss these times.»

    I’m don’t want another cat.
    She was the one.

  19. sladkajes:

    ahahahah… my cat does thaaat 0:59 !!! freaking awesomeeee

  20. 93Wiwa93:

    That’s funny but my cat does exactly the same things. Incredible.. :P

  21. MegaDrussel:

    the funny thing is, this is my cat so freddy

  22. TheQube87:

    @J88Wolf Kinda harsh

  23. crisssda:

    que buenos esta esta animación

  24. J88Wolf:

    I always resort to chunking my cat across the room with no finalising results, he always comes back to get in my face again, and again, and again….. And again. -_-»

  25. TheDimdum:

    3:54 is to cute for this world

  26. Kira2812K:

    My mothers neighbor had to go into her garage and rescue one of the cats from the wall. It’s amazing where they will go.

  27. Kezipoo:

    this still makes me well up!

  28. TheLeoGirl13:

    AWWWWWWEEEH-3 so cute ^_^

  29. InfernalSatan:

    0:50 That’s just cute

  30. lorenzo050008:

    @DissYraiN Nope. That would be Beatles Concerts.

  31. TheHauptsturmfuhrer:

    Dozens of hairy pussy’s-heaven

  32. antoineapa59:

    i love cat, everybodie wants to be a cat

  33. marym2011:

    i wish I could have been there haha

  34. decafoto:

    100 Cats loose at IKEA

  35. decafoto:

    100 Cats loos at IKEA

  36. RepkaN:

    Gorgeous! 0:49 is my favorite bit.

  37. anotherNYer:


  38. EarlReddickhyh:

    This You Tube video is now sponsored Southwest Airlines! Every user on Youtube who sees this comment and then texts simply texts SOUTHWESTAIR as one word to 4-1-4-1-1 gets to fly away with us….

  39. FavoriteBot:

    i literally dont know what im watching

  40. LarryE1946:

    What a total waste of time and money.

  41. bisayakongdako:

    i want to watch the final video of this weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. clinicadeanimales:


  43. clinicadeanimales:


  44. GrandHighGamer:

    @yummmi9710 Hey, that’s… actually… yeah… but with more passive aggression.

  45. bullet4027:

    Wow… CHRIS BROWN huh? =)

  46. KellyAnn2390:

    @kimothymoomin Why? They got to roam around in a big interesting store with other kitties all night.

  47. yummmi9710:

    To everyone who worried about people with allergies having an allergic reaction to the cat dander, remember this was done in England. The conversation would go like this:
    Customer: Excuse me, Salesperson, but I seem to be having an allergic reaction to one of your chairs.
    Salesperson: Oh, yes. We had about 100 cats roaming around in here last night. It was great fun!
    Customer: Oh, terribly sorry. I didn’t realize. Sounds like a smashing good time. I’ll just take this chair then.

  48. JuneCoffey99:


  49. EmberWolfeh:

    @darkxhampster Not all of them are. I see a lot of Turkish Vans in there. You could tell they choose mostly light white and tan colored cats save for the few tabbies and calicos. There’s plenty of Europeon short haired cats (a.k.a your common house cat) too.


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