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Nyan Cat Rock


UPDATE: Alright people! I’ve finally found the person who drew the picture, find her at: revolveroftheloom.deviantart.com and be sure to give her your love. My mediocre attempt at creating a rock version of Nyan Cat by combining two videos together. Not even sure if you can call it rock anyway… Credits to: – Guitar: 000doragon www.youtube.com & – Drums: DrumsZackDrums www.youtube.com Enjoy (?)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Download Cat Piano from iTunes: bit.ly Watch Supercats 3: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Nyan Cat Rock”

  1. Pehc90:

    Rabid Nyan doesn’t take crap from anyone

  2. Singingdream06:

    @felipecam04 LOL U JUST MADE MY DAY :D

  3. felipecam04:

    What an awesome fart!

  4. RaveSault:

    Nyan cat: farting rainbow
    Tac nayn: sucking rainbow up it’s ass… damn

  5. Ezeekiel349:

    @Rewind579 …… =D

  6. haliberry11:

    bloody poptart :(

  7. H3hePro:

    cocaine brought me here

  8. warbannana7:

    i can hear the real nyan cat song under the rock music.

  9. Rewind579:

    Is that nyan cat? Nope chuck testa
    XD 2 memes in one comment

  10. deathgreack:

    don’t shoot at nyan cat

  11. 20firebird:

    *is disturbed*

  12. rayl27:

    @Shoke113Glaytor Oh god!…can someone tell TheL3M0NT34 to make a TacNayn version of this? (probably won’t)…thnx in advance

  13. 5550007771:

    it on my birthday:P

  14. Shoke113Glaytor:

    @rayl27 Now Try Imagining TagNayn.

  15. govno122:

    I would have the same face if i was shooting rainbows out of my ass…

  16. MattDaddy365:

    nyan cat has raibes

  17. wildriveful:

    diahrea cat everybody :)

  18. dragonslaye56:

    the best nyan cat every lol

  19. dragonballptpt:

    Blood! hummm, And it’s outing rainbow of her ass

  20. LKMinecraft:

    @TheLegobot It’s Tac Nayn, Nyan Cat backwards

  21. TheLegobot:

    O _O now imagn how tayan cat would look

  22. heathersides:

    did he just crap a rainbow…no there just skittles

  23. MinkSki:


  24. sokarril:

    Pure shit.

  25. Bherf:


  26. tomjakedup:

    1:03 ug a litttle help please?

  27. girlgamer4:

    1:37 my cat does that all the time

  28. MauricioWoods:


  29. bobpat72:

    0:52 spidercat

  30. coralcat14:

    I guess cats do like water after all!

  31. albanian123ify:

    AWESOME video

  32. Lenacutie123:

    i have like 20 cats 12 dogs and lots more im a aniaml person but some of my cats really use the tolet LOLZ!

  33. MANSTAIN1:

    a-w-e-s-o-m-e video

  34. Katiegerbil:

    1:22 my cat does that too!

  35. Katiegerbil:

    1:14 – yeah just a bath mum!

  36. Raxus007:

    1:10 cat myth busted

  37. TheBalefire:

    this one was less of a ‘cool video» and more just a tolerable commercial for a silly app.

  38. Taylorthapimp:

    no offense i loved the first on but this one didnt make me laugh but i did smile. keep up the good work

  39. custos364:

    the cats awesome are in this video thumbs up if you argee thumbs down if you disargee

  40. Jivan5065:

    DUDE your the best funny movies uploader video ever! I loled to much!

  41. pinoyALLmotorEVOIXMR:

    0:01 those eyes….O_O

  42. slumdog951:

    i lol’d hard @ 1:10 when the cat stticks his head under the faucet

  43. TopLeagueGamers:

    1:31 not a single fuck was given that day.

  44. The139joker:

    the cat @ 1:31 was like i didnt do it

  45. hailovee:

    oh nonono not again. back to the cat videos again. cant resist..cuteness..

  46. NajVrec:

    this is it… I spend a evening by watching cat videos again!

  47. SandraLyBee:

    thumbs up if you your cat watched this vid with you ~~~

  48. Sara5029:

    AAAAAAAAAAAWW!!! 1:11 is sooooooooo cute!!!

  49. spyroqueen99:

    i could not stop laughing!!! my cat is almost just as insane.

  50. lynnikrissi: