Pooch Cafe — How Cats See Themselves, Sore Throat and Counting Sheep


RingTales presents animated Pooch Cafe cartoons based on the hit comic strip Pooch Cafe created by Paul Gilligan. For more info check out: poochcafe.com. In How Cats See Themselves our worst fears are confirmed. Poncho gets sick. Poncho can’t sleep.

Authorities in Fairfax County, Virginia found at least 20 dead cats at a home, but they haven’t found the homeowner. (April 6)
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41 комментарий на “Pooch Cafe — How Cats See Themselves, Sore Throat and Counting Sheep”

  1. wladence:

    The one about the cats is 100% true 😀

  2. chazstahs:

    they were all hilarious!!!

  3. andr3452410:

    best animated Pooch Cafe till now!

  4. Petpatrol2:

    Considering how many of the pooch cafe jokes invovle barking I seriously recommend having the voice actor make a barking sound rather than saying «woof» repeatedly. I feel like it kinda ruins the joke each time.

  5. LTamazil:

    it’s a repeat but it’s still hilarious

  6. kareemchannel:

    The is the funniest XD

  7. xossie:

    These were great 😀

  8. Darkoviamasters:

    @TheKluesey You do realise that the maker saw the video first……

  9. mrchazgreen:

    that was really funny

  10. Puto1990pl:

    I really hate cats

  11. ronald7795:

    I love the last one

  12. SmashLiXs:

    first one was seen in a garfield strip

  13. HOTSHOT226:

    last two were very funny. Best ive seen now that I think about it

  14. TheKluesey:

    Viewer 1 has a golded cock!

  15. TheKluesey:


  16. TheKluesey:

    I’m First!

  17. Starry2000:

    @Volos1210 «Someone has to have known her»

    Not everybody has family and friends, or even if some do those friends and family may not be close or in touch enough to think something is wrong.

  18. TheJDMsamuraiwarrior:

    who the hell would have 20 cats ? I only own one cat and thats good enough the legal limit in my state is each person is allowed 3 cats and thats the limit .

  19. Volos1210:

    @Allen24740 Im talking after she died. She not just going to die and disappear. Someone has to have known her. Family,friends or just a neighbor. If she just died all of sudden like you say then she not just going to stay in the streets. Someone is going to call 911 and the hospital will contact her loved ones ort someone she knows. Its that simple.

  20. Allen24740:

    @Arabman666 Illiterate? Lmao. You’re a fucking douche bag, just making up lame insults now. If I were illiterate I wouldn’t be able to read your lame as insults. You’re the one bitching, fuckin’ idiot. Go cry us a new river since Justin Timberlake already did several years ago. Complete dumb ass, if the lady had died or was killed somewhere OUTSIDE of her home, how the hell would she take care of the cats? Come back in her after life? You’re a complete idiot. Thanks for letting it be clear.

  21. Allen24740:

    @Volos1210 so if they home owner had died, then they should have known in advance of their oncoming death, in order to have someone come over and watch the cats? Not very logical my friend.

  22. EstelioKontos:

    actually there were 19 dead cats, i found one that was still alive but it threw up on my shoe. Then i became very angry and threw that cat against the wall

  23. EstelioKontos:

    pussy holocaust

  24. eliluvsyou:

    20 dead pussy, what a shame

  25. EstelioKontos:

    those detectives are going to have pussy nightmares

  26. maximino27:

    I bet that house REEKED

  27. Synnerligen:

    What’s an old woman doing with 20 cats?! Isn’t two or three enough? Poor kitties…

  28. gokk777:

    Poor cats (T ^ T)

  29. dhstandard22:

    @fridaynightmares nope….kittens vs insurgents…

  30. shawnsgirl56:

    Left with no food or water. What a shame.

  31. HappyHippyHeadshop:

    @manhuntruler2 She’s sophisticated!

  32. kalpal040507:

    thats disgusting…. so sad.. innocent animals

  33. iced4life3:


  34. kalamari13:

    Kill all humans, they were never meant to evolve beyond Australopithecus.

  35. manhuntruler2:


  36. fridaynightmares:

    what about the 100.000+ died in Iraq because of the the u.s army ? they are not less horrible than the owner of these cats

  37. powill:

    RIP :'( Kitties heaven

  38. GoneDead3:

    an old woman lives there, you know old woman and their cats

  39. rmsolympic1:

    @Arabman666 Well, yes and no: what that person did is horrible, but I’d almost bet that they are mentally ill. I can’t see a sane person doing that to the cats.

  40. EV1DEN5E:

    maybe she moved

  41. rmsolympic1:

    @blackfootfred Of course not: the owners were White-no doubt. They either were using them for satanic rituals or were thinking that they could communicate with their frozen freinds.