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Katy Perry – California Girls Music Video Spoof (Funny Cats)


I know my singing isn’t the best but I hoped you enjoyed it haha :D If you liked this then don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe! ________________________________ Katy Perry – California Girls Music Video Spoof (Funny Cats) lyrics [Verse 1] I know a place Where they post cat videos Funny, cute, and fat There must be something in the milk bowl Tripping over stuff And they like to play with their fur These toys Break, their minds Trying to creep a little sneak peak At you [Chorus] You can travel the internets But nothin’ comes close the the YouTube cats One time I saw them doing This weird stuffed bear YouTube’s really cute cats They’re unforgettable Super nice with little hats on top Don’t stop or else they’ll eat your face YouTube’s really cute cats They’re undeniable Nice dressed ears You got it, don’t stop Ninja cat represent, now take your claws out [Verse 2] Lots of, energy Oh my god, look at all of these cats Neat freak, over here What is this cat doing on the stereo? [Chorus] YouTube’s really cute cats They’re unforgettable What about cats? I kinda forgot Sun-kissed fur, so hot, something about a popsicle YouTube’s really cute cats They’re undeniable Nine fresh lives Sometimes they stand up Ninja cat represent, now take your claws out ________________________________ Second Channel: www.youtube.com Merch: bit.ly Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com wtffilmsftw wtffilmsftw2 wtf films ftw Katy Perry Snoop Dogg katy perry california girls gurls
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25 комм. на “Katy Perry – California Girls Music Video Spoof (Funny Cats)”


    ok first im a girl on my brothers youtube username. second your cute and this video is funny. you remind me of shane dawson

  2. craigpatty:

    what the fuck films for the win

    mate you got the right user name

  3. iheartJBsJoe:

    ur cute!

  4. cheesybuffalo:

    lol sumthin bout a popcicle XD

  5. SuperWonderlander:

    this is so stupid espessily if ypu have cats duh

  6. borgerapper297:

    OMG! Was bist du fürn Noob?

  7. bombergaler:


  8. Taylorhorton:

    This hurt my ears

  9. Torena1990:

    ai shen mogityan gamzrdeli

  10. Joshmanvideos:

    Sub me if you like boobs

  11. FinnC27:

    emo bieber, smosh copier,crappy voice, two faced son of a cat!

  12. HaloAddict0117:

    1,900,000 views is awesome!!!!!!

  13. dutt0n100:

    I love your video and yes your voice is beautiful !:-/

  14. halinanelly:

    0:27 thats a BIG cat…

  15. Babylove090809:

    ich kille dich

  16. Babylove090809:

    du ideot du ideot du bist ein behindertertes huhn du bist ne mist geburt behinderte geht es nicht

    hihihi du bist soooooooo grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. Babylove090809:

    ich bring dich um

  18. Babylove090809:

    Du hast nen vollen knall

  19. dethbypotato:

    lol yousuck youtube sticker

  20. TisTigerLilly:

    I’m a cat, I find this offensive

  21. ElPajaroMexicano:

    this hurts my ears and head but its addicting… wat kind of torture is this!!!!!!

  22. MagnificotheGreat:

    @nikinanify How do you know you don’t like it until you watch it first?

  23. MrJfam1:

    type in,,,,, (ceejure),,,,, eminem and lil wayne remix straight killed it!!!!!!

  24. AaliyahBTV:

    0:54 Shimmy :)

  25. smartchck92:

    lol niceeeeee!!!!!