Animal X Natural Mystery Unit — Australian’s Alien Big Cats


They are called Alien Big Cats. They are big cats that roam the outback of Australia. Where they come from and how they got there no one knows. What we do know is that they are no longer just confined to the Outback, they are now prowling the bush land around some of Australia’s major cities and they are attacking people. It’s fear that it wont be long before some is killed.
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23 комментария на “Animal X Natural Mystery Unit — Australian’s Alien Big Cats”

  1. GhostbusterhasCreez:

    bill kerrs face is priceless

  2. sk8en13:

    I have never seen a big cat but my mums friends husband has he was a crazy mad deer hunter he use to shoot sambar every weekend he even went to Africa to shoot a kudu and sore big cats so he knows what he was talking about anyway his mate and him where surf fishing at jack smiths on the 90mile beach it was about 11:30 at night the baits had washed in so they where waiting for the surf to calm down all of a sudden one of the rods started to bed the baits where nit in the water so they jumped up

  3. koranbro14:

    @Loribyn i agree 100% and ive had a run in with one i have the scars on my back to prove it but you know why it attacked? bc i was less that three feet from its two cubs i escaped with some scratches that was it

  4. Tarbtano:

    That man has more hair on his face then the cat has on its whole body

  5. Loribyn:

    @Loribyn PS: I’ve had several encounters with these big cats & they are not a threat to ANYONE. Like any wild animal, they MAY strike if cornered or if they feel themselves or their cubs threatened ~ as in the case of that young man who was mauled. I’ve had one less than 100 metres from me and after we observed each other for a time, it turned & left as peacefully as it came. All the rot on the vid about «Does some1 have to die b4 they do something?!» is exactly that ~ utter, hyperbolic BS.

  6. Loribyn:

    The govt., «ignores» it because they know these cats exist. They’re not making a fuss about it for two reasons: 1, the cat is a NATIVE, marsupial big-cat, well known to the Indigenous peoples of Australia; and 2: because of public hyperbole & irrationality — as perfectly demonstrated in this video — they do not want a repeat of the Thylacine disaster. They’re not making it public because if they do every trigger-happy idiot will be out there for a trophy. No «conspiracy», just conservation.

  7. moohmay88:

    I hope that if there are any big cats out there, they are left alone to live their lives.
    I hope the government doesn’t «take any action», for that would probably mean killing the big cats to save some humans who shouldn’t be there in the first place, taking up more and more habitat, and then complaining about the wildlife.

  8. MrCoLtOnRoCkS123:

    if that thing had wanted to kill that man, trust me it would have

  9. simonaandrews:

    @aussasman97 that made me LOL

  10. simonaandrews:

    The Tasmanian wolf (Thylacine) and most commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger has been extinct somewhat in the 20th Century….and it wasn’t black…

    Just saying…(don’t judge meh! lol)

  11. Lomprouser:

    WTF is that alien big cat or tasmanian wolf killing cows and other shit

  12. aussasman97:

    @jord0101 or maybe its julia gilard ahaha

  13. jord0101:

    one of them could be my sisters black cat that ran away and went wild

  14. dltanner99:

    Cryptozoology novel about two boys who find something strange on the beach one night see video book trailer

  15. DarkOmicron:

    I love the Animal X series and I’m very glad its been uploaded ^^

  16. thebtribe:

    will it take a death before the govenment takes action he said NO it still would do NOTHING about it because that means it would have to spend money in it;s own country and all govenments here ONLY spend our TAXES OVERSEAS.

  17. choperdogness:

    thats the aussie way punch it in the face 😀 awesome

  18. Lolizmo:

    prove it cheers

  19. ImDaveCrazy:

    So they go out trying to find a big cat.. yet they stand 150 yards away with headlamps on moving around all over the place and talking!! This program is a joke!! You dont even see leopards in Africa because they are so shy..

  20. OggyStoop:

    turned it off after 1 minute — you can tell this guy isnt gonna tell the truth

  21. Oiyuki:

    They never find anything. But it seems likely that there are big cats there.

  22. josh333rus:


  23. esrb12389: