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Hairless Cats – Wed 1/19/2011 – Joke of the Day (Wholesome Lane)


Meow? Subscribe: www.youtube.com www.wholesomelane.com Tweet twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Wholesome Lane is a sketch comedy channel. Our shows include: «Happy Sad Song» – covers of the saddest songs, «Write Three Words» – you give us three words and we make a comedic sketch out of it, and other fun and interactive games and videos.

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21 комм. на “Hairless Cats – Wed 1/19/2011 – Joke of the Day (Wholesome Lane)”

  1. 101Chocokitty:


  2. TylerTR4G3DY:

    This isn’t a joke.
    It’s a failed attempt at standup.

  3. rndmchris:

    that was stupid

  4. ollytennant:

    I thought these were supposed to be jokes. WTF?

  5. MrSim1b:


  6. gshark2092:

    i just had a lolwut moment without the lol

  7. bigrobtheactor:

    I love nightmares, but I agree, paying for them is dumb, I get them for free. She’s funny!!!

  8. PeterTheEater:

    Where’s the joke?

  9. 97pt:

    not every likes shaved pussy

  10. fluffypimpdaddy:

    @xGothicScreamx that was funnier then ther who channel

  11. MsRustySpoon:

    I couldnt agree more

  12. xEASTYNx:

    @duffman656 you must have accepted a friend request from them.

  13. duffman656:

    Why the hell is the new youtube layout telling me about your new uploads? I am not subscribed nor interested….

  14. Stirfry0:


  15. CraZZyVidEoZ:

    If you dont like their videos, dont watch them

  16. xGothicScreamx:

    Is that even a joke?

  17. derderderr0o:

    They fixed the audio, it was off in the first video.

  18. Q8sugargirl:

    @BruteBrutal oh so that was a joke! lol omg ! TOTAL FAIL !!

  19. Erinn97:

    you’ve already uploaded this , it isnt even a joke.

  20. BruteBrutal:

    New person, same boring jokes

  21. Larvemannenz001:

    That was lame.