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Декабрь 2011
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Never Seen a Cat Do This…


This is «Thor». He is a 10-month old Abyssinian Blue with a lot of smarts and a lot of charm. He also brought with him a lot of quirks, one of which is the way he lets people know when he wants something. I’ve lived with cats for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen a cat do what this one does when someone offers him a treat. AMAZING!!!
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15 комм. на “Never Seen a Cat Do This…”

  1. linz457:

    Wow what a cute little quirky cat lol I’ve never seen a cat beg in such a funny way! Can I ask: what age is he/she?

  2. rainbowmoney444:

    my cat does the same thing! shes a 4 year old blue abyssinian her names Chanel :)

  3. henkzawd:

    Both conveniently enough gods of thunder and storms.

  4. marafi:

    AMazing how did you teach his that??

  5. Furbagirl:

    loooool, so cute!!!

  6. Vikki35uk:

    That’s so cute, you’re right they’re very smart cats. I have a part Abyssinian Blue blue female she’s 7 months old now and she’s much smarter than my other cats. They tend to use their paws more than other breeds. She’s always picking up her toys with hers.

  7. JudeMaris:

    Zeus is a great example of the dozens of ways cats actually find to bridge the gap and communicate with their owners, which does take a lot of intelligence to do successfully! High five for Zeus and Thor :D

  8. nintendoman0808:

    that is a very intelligent cat my cat when he wants something(his name is zeus) he comes up and meows and stares at you then you say what do you want zeus and he will meow and walk away then you follow him to whatever he wants

  9. misterpally:

    Wow, I have never seen a cat do that before! I second the lolcats motion.

  10. JudeMaris:

    He also comes when he’s called and obeys commands…when it suits him :)

  11. JudeMaris:

    Actually, he looks like he’s trying to bat his nose off :D

  12. JudeMaris:

    Yup, he is :)

  13. AngryAussie:

    OMG he’s like a cat with a dog brain

  14. christheferal:

    lmao, he looks like a boxer! You should upload this to lolcats.

  15. safeharbor7:

    Cute kitty…