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Covering Your Mistakes – You Suck at Photoshop


MORE: www.MyDamnChannel.com Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Donnie Hoyle shows you how to fix mistakes you’ve made. 2008 Webby Award Winner Best How-to Series Best Comedy Series – People’s Voice Best How-to Series – People’s Voice
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Choose your browser to download the extension: Google Chrome: billsnitzer.com Safari: billsnitzer.com Firefox: billsnitzer.com Internet Explorer: Nope. Safari users: I highly recommend turning on automatic extension updates located here: Preferences » Extensions » Updates. The other two browsers have auto update on by default. This keeps the extension working in case YouTube makes a change that breaks it. Follow me on Twitter to hear of other cool things I make when I make them: twitter.com Channel featured in this video: youtube.com

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50 комм. на “Covering Your Mistakes – You Suck at Photoshop”

  1. conradcabrera13:

    Assless chaps is not a business meeting

  2. cellcat:

    LOL!!!! I have repeatedly watched this series over the last three years. It just never gets old.

  3. cellcat:

    LOL!!!!! I have repeatedly watched this series over the last three years. It just never gets old.



  5. FatalityX9:

    That ending just about killed me man.

  6. shadetheartist:

    Or maybe you have a picture of the cat your wife rescued, without talking to you first, and brought it home. And made your house a cat toilet and then when her emergency b-business meeting, came up this weekend, she refused to let you take it to a kennel, and that you’d have to be, you’d have to watch the cat this weekend… Do you have that photo? I do…

  7. zombie8drama:

    holy shit!
    the cat.just.came.into.a.bad.part.of.my.life.

  8. pkqkennywood:

    skills… mad skills…

  9. PlesserOfer:

    now all you have to do is use content aware fill

  10. Danutzika2003:

    G`zas man, you really need some attention, don`t you>? We are smarter than you think!!!

  11. Satisfied666:


  12. lolipopsound:

    Hes crying because he wasent in the guild..

  13. 401cooldude:

    pisses shit lol lol lol lol lol

  14. Bonscha:

    I LAWLED!!!
    epic life :D

  15. negerjens1:

    5:00 LMFAO

  16. TehGuitec:

    hahahahahh :D the end is hilarious

  17. TheBetterParrot:


  18. runemaster96:

    @Wavedude21101 Look at when this was uploaded.

  19. 83joonior:

    This would be better if it weren’t staged.

  20. drunkennewfiemidget:

    @FuckingNoClue No it sure isn’t. It’s a guy named Troy Hitch.

  21. FuckingNoClue:

    @drunkennewfiemidget you realize THIS IS Dane Cook doing these tutorials right?

  22. 5L3R124:

    why do you have so many dane cook pictures?

  23. lazyminer99:

    hi, my name is donnie and, you s-suck at photoshop.

  24. theIvan751:

    Dude, your wife if fucking you

  25. SAmMyZ0BT0:

    God! I laughed my ass off at when he started getting all emotional at the end of the Video and went on grumbling about «How The Cat came Into My Life» That was just «Hilarious»(Or it’s just that I’m feeling a bit strange )
    PS Strange Tutorial though ^^»

  26. avasol:

    Nevermind, it works. Didn’t install on the first try for some reason. Great job!

  27. avasol:

    Doesn’t seem to work with new YouTube UI.
    (Tried Safari ext)

  28. Dezertpunk20:

    That’s nifty :D

  29. TwinTe46:

    Awesome Plug-in, I got sick of the BS on YouTube. One thing I noticed though; videos that have their ratings disabled show a perfect rating (full green bar) on the side. Everything else seems to be perfect,
    Thanks very much for your time and the great feature!!

  30. TheOriginalNightHawk:

    thanks for making my life awesome

  31. alrajja:

    I’m an Internet Explorer user and I’m sooo offended.

  32. KLowD9x:

    This doesn’t work with the HTML5 player…lame.

  33. toaoli:

    Internet Explorer: Nope.

  34. bobjenkins6969:

    I love you.

  35. ProtonPivotXD:

    @9pinkyandthebrain it doesnt, i installed and enabled and it gives me a message :» YTShowRating could not be installed because it is not compatible with Firefox 9.0.
    Please fix!

  36. rykerh228:

    hell yea thanks man!

  37. masterrobber:

    helps a lot when you surf around youtube. thanks!

  38. winterdayz99:

    Before google bought youtube there used to be a 5 star rating system and it even showed said ratings of each vid bring that back instead of these useless upgrades!!!

  39. 9pinkyandthebrain:

    @ProtonPivotXD IT IS even though it says it doesn’t work it does!

  40. GreatGoatRebellion:

    You are the gentleman and a scholar.

  41. MACGREGORMinecraft:

    The iPhone version of YouTube has this, but the web version left it out. Thanks Man!

  42. IMHAL93:

    ytshowrating is awesome thanks a lot for that!

  43. youkid001:

    i love you man, thank you so much for this

  44. HOODIE650:

    i love u…

  45. 007jua007:

    Cant do a Opera version??

  46. Shwaggetyshfifty:

    and I don’t care much for Safari…

  47. Shwaggetyshfifty:

    This only works in Safari for me :(

  48. ProtonPivotXD:

    make it compatible on firefox 9.0 please!