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Декабрь 2011
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Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’


www.simonscat.com – A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.
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25 комм. на “Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’”

  1. mrfunnyhatt:

    @isharafat This was made before the kitten was even introduced.. I believe Simon will keep the kitten in future videos.

  2. MalissaRose:

    this made me laugh! <3

  3. sladkajes:

    @2552tomtom … ahahaha… I know, you’re right! and my cat’s name is Tom! geeesus!

  4. 245Angie:

    Simon has some really skinny legs o_o

  5. MCRMYcaptainGA:

    XD oh lexie thank you for sending me this link. i have entertainment for hours now =’D

  6. slapyvarde:

    Huh, my cat used to do the same while I was in the bath tub. And then after 10 minutes of scratching the door, when I finally get out of the bath to let the cat in, she would look at me with her «fooled ya» look and run away..

  7. tuntarallCotA:

    This on repeat made quite a good fap

  8. 2552tomtom:

    @sladkajes Get a cat-flap. Best. Invention. Ever.

  9. TheBattlefieldPwner:


  10. butterflybabe310:

    ugg i hate when my cat sits and cries for 5 minutes till i open the door then i finally open it and he just sits there or runs away. soo annoying.

  11. ResurrectedLlama:

    Cats… They never really wanna GO anywhere, they just like the satisfaction of knowing that they COULD if they wanted to. Mine sticks her paws under the door and meows until I open it, and then she’s like, «What? You need something?»

  12. DizzyDiva01:

    lol love it :)

  13. aleksandra3638:

    balls to you simon!

  14. sladkajes:

    … my cat is the same!!! he struggles to enter and in the second I open the door he is with that look «well … I may enter.. I prefer not to… but I appreciate that you got up from your bed just to open this door… but let me think for few seconds for the best choice» .. and I’m always like «Ohhhh CMON just enter the room!!!!!» :D :D :D

  15. doodle973:

    … How does god fit in with this video… Love it by the way!

  16. JesusPaid4You:

    @mallorymouse123 God loves you. Whoever believes that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for their sins, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day will have eternal life in Heaven. Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved,” – Acts 16:31

  17. mallorymouse123:

    Im new on YouTube and id like to know how to control what the image is for the video.
    (u know, how this video has a pic of Simons cat on the window??? Ya that pic. How do u control it?)

  18. 985technopanda123450:

    this makes me miss my kittens I had D’:

  19. 911blitz911:


  20. fw00p:


  21. Dirtfire:

    @laraineje that’s a smart cat.

  22. Heli2112:

    Soooo like my cat :)

  23. jonnernko:

    fuck this, i have a cat door :D
    cat doors FTW!!!!!

  24. hafsabi123:

    all the videos made by simon remind me of my cats,they are jus like that!!! sooo cute soo naughty so clever and cunning!!!

  25. MiriDianaMythos:

    lol!! i cant believe he threw a nome and a flower pot!!!
    i LOVE this cat!!!!
    sooooooooo cute and funny!!!!!