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Riley Cote vs Eric Godard Oct 14, 2008


Riley Cote vs Eric Godard from the Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins game on Oct 14, 2008. via www.hockeyfights.com

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50 комм. на “Riley Cote vs Eric Godard Oct 14, 2008”

  1. eddietheguy12:

    Godard’s a beast

  2. TheJacobsProductions:

    @harvadelic22 Yeah, same with Godard. And Godard won this fight so it looks like Godard is more entertaining.

  3. Flyerss67:

    Beauty fight!!!

  4. theultimateultimatum:

    cote must’ve pissed godard off or something, lmao, he went fuckin wild/

  5. pantpooer:

    4 people took an uppercut to the chin

  6. ripsnorter419:

    great scrap! bad intentions on those bombs being thrown

  7. harvadelic22:

    no matter how good or bad you think cote is he the most entertaining fighter in the NHL all his fights are fast hitting and no grabbing the shirt throwing at the most 10 punches. they are back and forth just wailing on each other thats the kind of fighting fans want to see

  8. SkyBringsRain:

    Godard can’t actually fight worth a damn

  9. AylinShanita:

    Greatest Asian women **busizz4me.info**

  10. fretode:

    @RikkiTikkiTavi33 You make such a great point that fans who don’t understand the NHL never seem to grasp. Players police themselves in the NHL, you don’t see more cheap shots and dirty play like you see in some sports because the players are allowed to fight and settle their own scores, and then it’s over, get on with the game.

  11. dafuksup:

    i like that cote is a southpaw…it makes for more exciiting fights

  12. Digweed4891:

    This should have been the NHL fight of the year! Awesome bout. Props to both men.

  13. bareknuckles2u:

    So you want to be an NHL tough guy? Holy shit!

  14. lamoreau1329:

    That was a nice hit Godard landed on him at the very end

  15. girltant:

    this is a draw to all you retards taking sides. this is an example of a draw!!!!!!!!!

  16. StillersFan33:

    great fight

  17. rezmoneynwkubs:

    @graddy49 awwww someones maaaaaaaaad. you’re a grown man putting words together to make fun of something. – just leave it at that. you’re a faggot who needs to be killed.

  18. graddy49:

    @rezmoneynwkubs You’re a Cryers fan and you’re scum – just leave it at that. You’re a pussy just like Riley Cotex.

  19. gdavies4:

    @rezmoneynwkubs true , unlike that bitch Lucic

  20. differentskater:

    Eric Godard does the fucking business ! i would be honerd if he whooped my ass !

  21. teeoh38:

    @RikkiTikki – Yeah think about it. How the hell does two goons 5 minutes into the game who line up at a faceoff and signal to each other they will fight keep the emotions down in a game? This ridiculous ritual of staged fighting has nothing to do with keeping emotions in check. If it did then enforcers would be in the Olympics and World Championships. Those are great games without fights. Think about it…

  22. iamtonetone:

    until mid 08 season….cote was a good enforcer who didnt play much D so he drew alot of fights, but since those brashear thrashings he took, he just didnt have the chin or the balance. im gonna miss him

  23. mkailov13:

    Gotta love the Penguins/Flyers rivalry.

  24. metalheadsince94:

    @jjcreight well in you’re opinion but i think that ovie is better yea they were still playing regular season hockey in playoffs but as soon as they get down playoff hockey they will destroy every team as long as they keep it stacked they got the most talent on that team then any other

  25. jjcreight:

    @metalheadsince94 Alright thats true he does have the MVP award but he is the biggest puck hog in the NHL. Of course he’s gonna get goals. He still lost in the olympics and never made it through the playoffs. I’ll admit Ovie is a talented hockey player, but Crosby is just better and always will be.

  26. Az78346:

    Наверное перепил

  27. riyokarl:


  28. BloodSlut:

    lawl ^^

  29. SanaLakih:

    @arbanaskocudo Russian people do not drink, and drink like the rest of the country, not LATEST and no less!

  30. SanaLakih:

    @funkylemonade but damn he’s alive

  31. AlllexL:

    Кот пытается спрятаться. (Типа, если он никого не видит, то и его никто не видит)

  32. svetushok:


  33. Taks1st:

    У 28 идиотов нет сердца

  34. arbanaskocudo:

    hes just imitating drunk peoples

  35. MsDemekin:

    Та он проста высаты баицца


    :) ))))))))

  37. TheRizon76:

    yes =)

  38. rockyrodes:

    reminds me of a garfield faceplant

  39. PatrickFreez:

    смешной такой ))))

  40. funkylemonade:

    is he alive:D?

  41. Guffonful:

    я так же сплю

  42. prettynrich:


  43. ruslanik95:

    0:35 Проснулся! :D

  44. sbHeyBro:


  45. darzoki:


  46. gosiek2858:

    przybił gwoździa!!

  47. Quartik:

    Он здох?

  48. san0sara:


  49. xlongyujax:

    @gfrabaa lol seriously cracked me up with that line. Cat and couch bonding at best.

  50. 22surgeon:

    это планкинг )))


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