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Декабрь 2011
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The Refined Feline’s Kitt-in Box – A Desktop Cat Bed


Give your cat a place to rest… other than the keyboard. The Kitt-in Box is a cat bed for your desktop. Make a great holiday gift for a cat lover. www.therefinedfeline.com

Buy song on iTunes: bit.ly Amazon: amzn.to Buy Cats & Dogs on iTunes: bit.ly Buy Cats & Dogs on Bandcamp: bit.ly Buy Cats & Dogs at Fifth Element: bit.ly Buy Cats & Dogs on Amazon: amzn.to Director/DP/Editor: Todd Angkasuwan Producer: Todd Angkasuwan Steadicam Op: Joseph Puma PA: Richie Rivera rhymesayers.com twitter.com facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 комм. на “The Refined Feline’s Kitt-in Box – A Desktop Cat Bed”

  1. thasheik:

    this isnt keyboard cat!

  2. CutePetGazette:

    I’ve seen them, I’ve tested them, and met the owner. Verdict? Guilty of pleasing cats and small dogs everywhere!!! All The Refined Feline products are extremely high quality. Well designed and practical for everyday or as a gift?!!! High end pet stores must carry at least a few products from this line.

  3. mojamamaduda:

    1mil soon

  4. simplyamess:

    Love it!

  5. Tomovex:


  6. Scrubs944:

    925 548 views… let’s make a million ;) I already made the half of the actual views

  7. verbaltrauma:

    sickest preeemo beat i hurd in a while

  8. onetallorder84:

    This song is great. As for the album, not feeling Slug and Aesop, but the rest is great.

  9. istcz:

    very great:-) sending some digital peace n love. cheers!

  10. YTJHMD:

    Dilated Peoples salute.

  11. Gumulowiec:

    Best video ever! Keep going Ev ;]

  12. MlleBlondeh:

    if you actually give a fuck and read all of this, then thank you.

    i work my ass off 2 make it in the music biz, but its impossible 2 make it if no one

    ever hears you, and its hard to get people to hear you when you have no

    exposure….i don’t have the money for amazing music videos or big youtube

    advertisements….so all i’m left with is spam.

    if you could take two seconds to give me a thumbs up just so people know i

    exist…. you don’t have to like me, just gimme a chance to be liked

  13. LeagueGAMER21:

    Gj premier!Again Gangstarr has done it!

  14. NaylOfficielTV:

    YOU !

  15. mertkoker:

    canım bira çekti aq

  16. gboloz:

    you blowin this shit up! Respect from Poland.

  17. verbaltrauma:

    @christophemillertime that would be dope bro! haha btw check my tunes, theyre jus as solid as this hip hop right here, i guarantee u

  18. raptore90:

    @BIOMISIONES vamos otro argentino que aguante Evidence!! Dj Premier numero uno a nivel mundial

  19. mojoswag91:

    thats real hiphop right here, not like the commercial rapper just rapping for the money, man i dont give a fuck about some wannabes without a plan but money making (no hatin) but hip hop inst still hip hop same thing for rap music…!!!

  20. Pacemaker182:

    I don’t have weed, I have pizza but this song is still dope.

  21. LivingHipHop17:

    Attention Breaking News: DJ Premier has recently collaborated with Nas since 2007, Search «DJ Premier Regeneration Video», Peace

  22. LivingHipHop17:

    I Love This, if you guys like this, «For The Record» by Torae is another song Produced by DJ Premier check it out, Peace

  23. LivingHipHop17:

    I Love Hip Hop , Ev is Half Man Half Amazin, lol, Yo people if you like this Amazing Beat, Vote for this Beat as the Best DJ Premier Beat of 2011 by Google searching «DJ Premier BLOG», Cant believe the Beat only has over 300 Votes, while this Vidoe has almost 1000,000 Views, Peace


    Mis respetos desde ARGENTINA!!!!!

  25. loumaTROM:

    @letskillyoko Yep,I’m still number 1 by boogie down productions to be precise,also sampled in some dre song that I don’t remember right now

  26. BluCollarPoet:

    Cats & Dogs is up there for album of the year…in any genre.