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Декабрь 2011
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Cab Calloway – Reefer Man High Quality


Cab Calloway Fastest Song, I Think.

Available now at iTunes Single: bit.ly Video: bit.ly Cats & Dogs is dropping September 27th! bit.ly Directed by Jason Goldwatch twitter.com of Decon Creative Group. Check out his Reel: www.deconcreativegroup.com While he puts the finishing touches on Cats & Dogs, Evidence is back with a banger called «To Be Continued…» produced by Sid Roams (Mr. Slow Flow & Solitary Confinement) featuring cuts by DJ Revolution. Check out the winning remix by BuddahKriss! Click Here: bit.ly To Be Continued…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Cab Calloway – Reefer Man High Quality”

  1. greatunclekevin:

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing!

  2. theeyeofthecyclops:

    some of this guys songs are actualy played in the old episodes of tom and jerry

  3. dahomies94:

    hehehe… high quality :)

  4. bethuneboy:

    This sounds like a song straight out of fallout 3

  5. bethuneboy:

    This sounds like a song straight out of fallout 3

  6. EMC520:

    57 people have no class

  7. missywho04:

    haha i have been singing it wrong, i thought it was Reaper Man lolol

  8. MrSoulful69:


  9. appiatte:

    i had no idea my dance style had black heirtage

  10. obglobgablob:

    He sure is.

  11. laffizzle:


  12. davidls11:

    @riptonks I like ‘Panama Red’ and ‘Henry’ by the NRPS, but you’re right, Cab Calloway did it first and he did it great.

  13. MrCalculus999:

    the way he moved his body was the introduction to white girls getting wet and curious from the black entertainer

  14. blewj:

    @1203125 HHHAHAHAHAHA… I think that’s how I dance…

  15. JoePB216:

    This is all reet!

  16. fajfred:

    @jahrastapack A «hepcat» is a state of being. You either are or you’re not. It’s that simple. Sort of like having the XFactor for lack of a better term.

  17. AdamX21198:

    Please put this in the next Fallout.

  18. quandrax:

    @jahrastapack first u limp to tha sides like ur legs was broken,. shakin’ and twitchin’ kinda like you was smokin!

  19. GumBeatingTV:

    ive met that funny refer man(: <3

  20. TheDominic123:

    He Was OG I think weed was still leagal when he wrote this.

  21. children4sale:

    he would always play it for me making fun of me about being a retarded stoner. WELL, BEING A DUMB ASS POTHEAD DOESN’T MAKE YOU OVERDOSE AND DIE YOU JUNKIE but it’s all good. I still a smoke a fat one and listen to this and think about how you are the real funny dope man.

  22. children4sale:

    this song makes me think of my dead homie MSGMCMUFFIN, RIP Gangster, <3 you.

  23. scottvalentine808:

    i met that funny refer man, he said it was candy and dreams in the rizla, he was right

  24. gamer4567:

    The very first stoner song

  25. 65TossPowerTrap58DT:

    precursor to every form of music today…

  26. evammiu:

    very cool clip.!!

  27. knockoutxrs7:

    @skateboarder2650 thats good

  28. sacie284:

    <3 !!

  29. tempster:

    Sick concept for a video.

  30. skeight976:

    this is a fucking sick video!

  31. huntingtonbeachify:

    @PrOgress1v Get to your local OCCUPY WALL STREET and get your smoke legalized!

  32. huntingtonbeachify:

    OCCUPY LA at the LA civic center its free and we can all get our freedom back!
    OWS for LIFE
    LA uniting with da world


    MattIsAGoon : Yeahh Foo Thats Six Flags Magic Mountain, And That Ride Is The New X 2 Rollercoaster. Its In Valencia, California. I Live Down The Street, And Got On That Ride The Day It Opened Too…(=

  34. Ctpbeats:

    Did you notice BUKET TKO HAT? AT 0:32

  35. PrOgress1v:

    smoke weed every day… :P

  36. MattIsAGoon:

    is it six flags magic mountain near LA? I think I rode that coaster before :) awesome

  37. kingsalasi:


  38. Heyhey2545:

    @zerobombjake Actually Ima be out there for the first time in the summer, looking forward to it. I need some pain relief and I’ve heard Cali got sum lol ¦)

  39. zerobombjake:

    @Heyhey2545 always time for a roadtrip hah.

  40. Heyhey2545:

    @zerobombjake killaCal huh nice. Damn I wish I wuz in Cali.

  41. zerobombjake:

    @Heyhey2545 magic mountain in CA

  42. luxwutang:

    @spicid12 he did it like a boss.

  43. spicid12:

    @luxwutang because he’s pro !

  44. Heyhey2545:

    Damn that ride looks Insane! what six flags is that?

  45. Travisalberger:

    six flags da shit

  46. Dylan808Raynes:

    fucking awesome! i wanna shoot a music video like that! lmao ev ur fucking awesome i adore u since i seen you on mtv last month you are my new fav rapper. i really do look up to you as an inspiring artist. i hope one day me an you could callab on a song together bro! thumb it up so he could see this!!

  47. MrMonkeylawyer:

    hiphop hardcore!

  48. iposno:

    fuckin genius!

  49. ctr8drfan:

    Daam he was high as fuck lol. He puked the funnel cake, makes me want to go to magic mountain now.

  50. luxwutang:

    @TheWHARPS i think he did it from the first try