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地震で揺れる猫たち Earthquake shakes Cats


Video Rating: 4 / 5

He’s got over 4.9 million YouTube subscribers … a grand total of 1.4 BILLION video views — and now, Ray William Johnson tells TMZ, there’s an easy formula to his success … involving a megaton of cats.

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25 комм. на “地震で揺れる猫たち Earthquake shakes Cats”

  1. Solja2010:

    the worst RWJ video ever lol

  2. Amariannilove:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! borrinnnnqqqqw!….

  3. NajidHajee:

    Pretty modest haha. That’s chill

  4. tshahbmttexas:

    Go ray

  5. MegaTight011:


    I wanna ride in that truck

  6. sturzynski:

    that girl is hot

  7. MUSTangGRAD2011:

    That guy reminds me of Billie Joe Armstrong. So much.

  8. THEMallardtheDuck:

    «I helped popularize that» LOLOLOLOLOL cute.

  9. TheSurvivalTheory:

    You guys he DID popularize nyan cat…. he is not being a douche

  10. loghen01:

    @Knives0094 how exactly did he seem starstuck by them? child stop seeing stuff that just isn’t there.

  11. TheN0N00B5Avenger:

    I ACTUALLY LOVE HIM!!!! In a totally non-gay way

  12. Kagome14366:

    I saw this on TV when it was featured on TMZ, lollll everyone on the show was like, «What? Who’s Ray William Johnson? blahblahblah cats» and moved on within 5 seconds. Literally. This is just the extended version of his interview that no one seemed to care about except the guy holding the camera.

  13. DragonStomp365:

    He’s a douche.

  14. moshpitschmitt:

    little guys big trucks,cracks me up every time lmao

  15. CrazyTurkBoy:

    wow…this is really a turning point in media history man…an Internter star is now targeted by paparazzi just like a tv or movie star…well at least I think it’s a memorable moment

  16. ellenmelon1203:


  17. JackTheRyder3:

    @Alanitoo Since he got 1.3 billion views and 3+ million subscribers.

  18. JackTheRyder3:

    @BritishInvador You need to learn to read carefully. He says he’s never watched a video FROM him. This is a video FROM TMZ about RWJ.

  19. habsman99:

    hes really cool with TMZ guys most the time celebs ignore them or wanna fight or dont awnser any question RWJ just awnser everything hes just a normal person with alot money sorda like if u or i won the lottery lol

  20. themyrashow:

    TO THE PPL WONDERING ABOUT THE CHICK: Her name is Anna Akana and she also has an up- and-coming youtube channel with her best friend… its actually pretty funny Im subscribed to them check it out: YOUTUBE 10secondtraumas, you’ll find it. Oh, and let me get a thumbs up to brag to my friends. lol

  21. dannyferrary666:


  22. Karexx666:

    ZDZICHU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Askar355:


  24. ju88ff:

    @dietoolife Again I ask, IS YOU STUPID? He’s famous and makes money from youtube. So what if he doesn’t want to «increase» his fame.

  25. bielieberforever6:

    @SsikG I agree, that was pretty rude.