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Riley Cote vs. Eric Boulton – Jan. 21st 2009


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11 комм. на “Riley Cote vs. Eric Boulton – Jan. 21st 2009”

  1. nerdwithoutthee:

    cote may lose a lot, but you’ve got to hand it to him. in most fights nowadays both players try to keep their heads and faces away and duck and dodge through most of it. but a guy like cote is willing to take punches and give them. that’s a tough thing to do.
    not to mention that it takes guts to drop the gloves against guys like laraque and parros, and for a guy cote’s size, it’s damn near suicide. but he does it without a moment’s hesitation.
    say what you will, cote’s a pretty tough guy.

  2. jmg4314:

    At least Cote is consistent. I’ll give him that

  3. Loyalty1269:

    im sorry. im from philly and we need to just get rid of cote. he fights anyone and thats great . but goddamn win some fights

  4. alexwestside:

    Cote’s a joke!

  5. dudeski78:

    speedbag cote losses again

  6. Ivan67Smolensk:

    только позитив

  7. 4elovek125rus:


  8. prjhkin:

    Жестоко с туалэтн буагой. Молится на холодилник.

  9. tushkan95:

    2:14 котэ мазохист

  10. Malak56777:

    0:47 Котэ шикарен.

  11. Psixozful: