Adopted= Oscar-Urgent cat needs a foster home ASAP


Oscar-was rescued just hours before he was about to be euthanized for biting his owner. Please help give Oscar another chance? Oscar was left for long hours alone, he has issues as per his declawing and he has never socialized with other cats. He needs an experienced foster home that can help this big boy get over his control issues. I have had Oscar in my bedroom for 2 days and this video was made last night when I introduced him to my kitties. He needs this type of interaction in a controlled environment. You can tell he has issues as sometimes, his tail is twitching even though hes acting all loving. When I saw this, I told him calmly to relax and did not pet him. I will only pet him when I can tell he is relaxed. He needs another declawed cat and an owner or foster home to help. If you live near Toronto Ontario Canada, please help as I have given up my bedroom and have 3 clawed cats of my own. Oscar will be posted on Toronto Cat Rescue’s website in the next week so please help. I am not sure how much longer I can keep this guy alive and if he is brought to the shelter, he will be euthanized. He just needs some help and guidance. He is such a HUGE cat but its not his fault. If you were left alone with only cat food as company, you would be big too. Thanks for watching and sharing. Please watch Oscar’s updated video at
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4 комментария на “Adopted= Oscar-Urgent cat needs a foster home ASAP”

  1. catnip42007:

    Oscar is trying a new «long term» foster home. He was so upset to leave but I will get updates soon. Fingers crossed it works out. My baby Eddie cried all night last night because OScar was gone. There it is again, that sound….. my heart breaking!

  2. AwayLemonade:

    @catnip42007 I’ve been asking around but no luck so far 🙁 best wishes though.

  3. catnip42007:

    @AwayLemonade Awww shucks! I hope it all works out. Can you share the video with as many people you know who live in Toronto? He really wants to socialize but I can only do it while Im home as it is not safe as my cats are clawed. He is such a big lug and all he wants is to play it seems!

  4. AwayLemonade:

    You did a wonderful thing saving him, I hope you he finds a forvever home :)!