Talking Cat


Amusing talking cat, as seen on YBF in the UK.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комментариев на “Talking Cat”

  1. SHNGHN:


    Didn’t know the cat knew or even hated ’em!

  2. Lorika42:

    Cool. I know a really cool talking cat that’s a pale yellow siamese mix named Micah who’s huge and will tackle ya that sez I love love love love you.

  3. coolsquidgey:

    lol derren brown did a parody of this.

  4. Grullahorse:

    @thecatatemyhomework The cat’s just pissed at the other cat in the video.

  5. MrPatirk:

    so funny is she realy doing that?

  6. Lynviking:

    Oh STFU! It’s funny!

  7. seravox:

    @thecatatemyhomework distress nothing he just doesnt like that other cat thats off frame you see if the full video

  8. thecatatemyhomework:

    The cat is in distress. Nothing funny there.

  9. daniellos333:

    we have to exterminate these creatures before they gain sentience and enslave us.

  10. chiles55:

    sounds like some say no no no no to some one

  11. wowwhatwasthatfor:

    the other cat is like, uhh meow?

  12. Xxienjoymarshmellows:

    The fucking laughing audience ruins the video. T_T

  13. mariomario4646:

    oooooohm nomnom

  14. mklicciardello:

    thats soo funny its just soo cute

  15. novaethicpower:

    i don’t know why i somehow feel sorry for this cat .. it sounds so .. depressed 🙁

  16. beautybyalice14:

    my cat look like this rip jill

  17. marwouan:


    Do you think you’re a worse a cat in our eyes?

  18. DanySayRide:

    This is how asians name their kids.

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  20. shinmigumi12:


  21. porschewes:

    i fuckin hate cats

  22. 1nspirator:

    He’s demonized

  23. ShadeZeeker:

    remove the retarded crowd who laughs high!

  24. ErinkeCreations:

    is it real?

  25. MrJayjase:

    The laughing pissed me off.