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Announcement from Kit(the cat)


I’m Kit and I am NOT a lolcat.Those cats are a disgrace.Why don’t I have my own yotube account?Well because I’m a cat.I’m lazy and would rather just have rocks do the heavy lifting – like typing.And talking. I don’t like the internet and I don’t like you.But hey,I want your precious attention,so here I am.I am Kit.The cat.I am not a popular chocolate bar. PS:That photo was doctored. (it wasn’t)
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cremusa.ucoz.ru – owner of this kitty www.youtube.com – kitten vs a (one) scary thing

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26 комм. на “Announcement from Kit(the cat)”

  1. littleperrie1234:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww ^^ he is sooooo cute!!!

  2. LanceandAlexTV:

    Tripping hard on ketamin.

  3. freedias44:

    бедняга, как хоть он жив остался, после встречи с этими двумя зелеными тварями)))

  4. majom89:

    @frafroggy my guess was Predator or Aliens… thanks for the reply

  5. frafroggy:

    @majom89 Aliens soundtrack (the sequel)

  6. WZShister:

    Tai Lung in Childhood

  7. Labirinth32:

    )))вылитый мой в детстве

  8. athelia4444:

    @majom89 sounds like most movie background music.

  9. majom89:

    Was this song used in a movie before or something? It sounds so familiar…

  10. diomondback182:

    best tanks evar

  11. way2incrediblefame:

    Imagine, if this cat will see the apple tree, poor tree.

  12. spacegy4:

    1:11 Do a barrel roll!

  13. Pearliff:

    hahahaha, Brilliant!!! How could any idiot NOT like this?

  14. asskickerfoo:

    LOLOLOL, how did you arrange the music?

  15. terryrheadset:

    this is SIMPLY THE BEST…I just can’t stop laughing at this…A+++

  16. awsmelyrcs:

    OMG I don’t use that phrase a lot but in this situation I can

  17. pinktoll272:

    ohhh! a mouse! must attack mouse! oh right, i was attacking the apples. gotta get back on track!

    Must lick paw……..

    must look at mouse again


  18. Johnny0Masters:

    good job on the music

  19. PawmarkDesign:


  20. IrEnEsceneShuffler:

    apples 0_o

  21. TheGamerx423:

    that must of been a blast to watch!

  22. thejs411:

    This is the funniest thing I have seen and really needed the laugh. Thank You.

  23. Egor12354:

    nice cat like mine!!

  24. Deathlover1011:

    So cute I want to bite his little head off!!!

  25. ellalalala1043:

    the music makes it HILARIOUS!everyone i showed this to laughed their asses off!

  26. mmontez1234:

    big horror movie