Манчкин (Кошка-такса)


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комментариев на “Манчкин (Кошка-такса)”

  1. alfakitten:

    cute, but too much camera shake — hold the camcorder still!

  2. doroga500:

    ааааа котики захватили интернет

  3. Endimione84:

    Besides ask the title of the song I’d like to share my opinion about mixing different breeds to obtain cute creatures, small legs are against the true nature of cats, and doing this is totally wrong! this is not healty for the animal and is stupid too.

  4. Endimione84:

    The lyrics are «la rana nello stagno, un bambino dentro il bagno, un pesce brontolone, tante bolle di sapone…», it’s italian, and mean literaly «a frog in a pond, a baby in the bath, a whiner fish, many soap bubble…» I’d like to know the title of the song…

  5. borkokid:

    debelo is sladko e

  6. inna8061:

    няшечка ))))))))))))))))))))))))

  7. Jezvy:

    @BloodyCatastrophee It’s italian, but I don’t know the title 🙁

  8. evatar78:

    there’s an italian music 😉

  9. Nina79263:

    какой же он сладкий!раз 25 уже на него посмотрела!Берегите его!

  10. nilsnc:

    nessuno conosce il titolo di questa musica?
    Anybody does not know the title of this music?
    personne ne connait le titre de cette musique ?
    ¿ Nadie-no tiene importancia no connait el título de esta música?

    che cosa dice la cantante nelle prime tre frasi?
    Per favore.

  11. BloodyCatastrophee:

    @Jezvy or maybe it’s italian, i don’t know.. :s

  12. BloodyCatastrophee:

    @Jezvy haha what song is that? it’s portuguese right? i want to find it! =D

  13. emptyindorill:

    классный такой :ЗЗЗ самый милый котёнок)))

  14. Jeyerre:

    Omg, I need to know the name of the song. It’s awesome. Please!

  15. Jezvy:

    This isn’t a porn song! It’s about a frog in a pond, a baby in a bathroom, a grumpy fish and many soap bubbles. lol

  16. sammew123:

    this is the type of stuff that lights up my day

  17. tallswede80:

    @Bessameculo giggity giggity goo

  18. Rekares:

    Кстати, как песенко называется? Давно ищу…

  19. Rekares:

    Классный! Ради Бога, не бросайте =)

  20. MyMindMirror:

    @splitzilla stupid fool…lol your brain is so cute so little. sweet 🙂

  21. James26994:

    7 человек поражены бешенством.

  22. splitzilla:

    lol this cat has T-rex arms

  23. Bessameculo:

    70’s porn music is perfect when watching a little pussy.

  24. nilsnc:

    Hello, someone know the name of this song? Merci.

  25. EclipseStrife:

    @NickFromFulham what kind of messed up porn do you watch!?!?!?!?

  26. amandavvcullen13:

    Tobuscus led me here!! 🙂 IT’S A TRAP, RUN!!

  27. brunascimento100:


  28. itsvitoria1:


  29. deftones0918:

    Oh man i cant stop laughing. Best video ever.

  30. xShadowOfTheNite:

    This. . . is the best thing EVER!! I can’t stop laughing at it!

  31. SaznizamSazmee:

    Abort mission! Abort the freakin mission!

  32. SairCowbell:

    Ladies and gentlemen, a reenactment of the reactions of people who play Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  33. VideoZatoh:

    IT’S A TRAP! RUN!!!

  34. RenegadePaladin:

    I see what you did there. 🙂

    (For those who didn’t: The vacuum was switched on but not plugged in, and someone plugged it in just off camera; you can see the cord moving.)

  35. countvoncount13:

    po-lice po-lice fuckin’ cheese it!

  36. DanDazzleFlorida:

    Haha! Cute!

  37. moshie9956:

    «Do you think its dead?» «Im pretty sure it is, I mean, wouldnt it have moved by- ITS ALIVE! ITS ALIVE! RUN! JUST RUN!»

  38. xchunksx:

    Awwwwww hahaha

  39. iLoveYoutuveVideos:

    I can’t

  40. DeadRiverProductions:

    @iLoveYoutuveVideos shut the fuck up.

  41. iLoveYoutuveVideos:


  42. DrPepper42yes:

    @iLoveYoutuveVideos you are literally a pathetic human being

  43. MuchLoveeRocky:

    Hahahaha xD

  44. brictoni:


  45. mypussyspossessed:

    I posted it on my pussy’s possesed fb page, thanks!

  46. 3uElaine685:

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  48. TownRetard:

    «Let’s get the fuck outta here yo!»

  49. TheMadlyMaddy:


  50. iLoveYoutuveVideos:

    wow, try liking this comment while pressing Ctrl !