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Декабрь 2011
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The aikido technique kotegaeshi on some of the most common attack forms, by aikido instructor Stefan Stenudd, 6 dan Aikikai. The attacker with the smooth ukemi is Mathias Hultman, 3 dan. The technique is done in both omote and ura (many aikido styles don’t divide kotegaeshi into omote and ura). More about kotegaeshi on my website: www.stenudd.com My aikido books: www.amazon.com www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Черепашка-нинзя VS котэ
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 комм. на “Aikido – KOTEGAESHI”

  1. mare43zla:

    Great uke with his fall… but everything else is very bad! Distance, timing, atack is ridiciluis, and technique is wrong and not practical… and again he is using his muscle, and not his body.. if the oponent is twice of his size, he couldnt do it because of that! 95% of video about Aikido on youtube is trash, because everybody has learned the true basics of Aikido all wrong!!!! im just sad!

  2. Viktir666:

    @H4I2I2EE Oh yeah I forgot the «ee» on the end.

  3. H4I2I2EE:

    @Viktir666 We pronounce it Koh teh guy she. My teacher is Japanese so I think it’s right.

  4. Seija111:

    @TheBueno789 Both are the answer to your question, however, joint manipulation works even when pain compliance is not a factor. We had a guy in our Dojo (Jujutsu) who was a funeral director and he said that they use the same kind of joint manipulations to move and roll cadavers for burial preparation. He said that they had to move slow and be careful though or they could easily dislocate joints.

  5. FXHoax:

    @CetherDesipio I agree and disagree. It trains you, mentally and physically, and I’ve only been learning seven years and I don’t want to fight with it. But that’s because, not only does it work, but when it’s used correctly it’s brutal.

  6. 3rdeye7thdimension:

    @PiedPiper97601 On a recent trip to an Aikido class… I had my full mass tossed around by an eight year old, easily half my mass.

  7. LordZestus:

    It’s weird because I’ve been doing Aikido at a couple different dojos over the past decade and I’ve noticed that all of the Gaijins have fully black ‘hakama’s. The Japanese often wear black and white ones.

  8. redpillpusher:

    @Viktir666 close it’s KO-teh-gah-ehsh(i). the ‘eh’ is the e sound in the word ‘met’. note on the «i» at the end; you do not pronounce the «i» as «ee» but it’s almost like you start saying the «ee» part but cut it off before it forms any definite sound. so although is may sound like it just ends with «sh» there is a very very and i mean very subtle hint of the «ee». hard to describe you’d have to hear it demonstrated.

  9. TheRogueMonk:

    @IrishDutchman how can you move someone who barely moves? how can you get a real movement to work with if someone wishes to not expose himself?

  10. IrishDutchman:

    Keep in mind that small joint manipulation is not allowed in UFC. That means that all the wrist locks like kotegaeshi and nikkyo are forbidden, limiting the possibilities for Aikido in an MMA fight.
    Also, I think Aikido’s is less effective against trained fighters and works better in normal self-defense situations.

  11. Viktir666:

    @Aikidostenudd It’s hard to type phonetically.

  12. Aikidostenudd:

    @Viktir666, I’m not completely sure about how your transcription sounds, but I guess you come quite near the Japanese pronounciation.

  13. rulomaniaco:

    q vergas es este carnal!!!!

  14. fishbonegroove:

    @TheBueno789 It’s because it doesn’t hurt YET, but you know it will if you don’t spin and take the fall. In the dojo, everyone knows the technique and the fall, and so no one gets hurt. In a real fight, these techniques could seriously mess up someone’s arm.

  15. Viktir666:

    I am an American. I trained for years in Japanese Jujitsu and we pronounced it «KO-TAY-GAISH». Is this correct or were we sounding dumb to others when we said it?

  16. saideljibahi:

    @TheBueno789 it’s a professional fall, and you must a lot of training if you want to do it

  17. TheBueno789:

    when he flips is it you flipping him with your strength or is it because it hurts and the guy submits to try to stop the pain?

  18. ReViv4L:

    The uke is WOW!

  19. keishari:

    This man .. is awesome.

  20. TheRogueMonk:

    @CetherDesipio just look at bujinkan and aikijujutsu you dont see any proof that they work other then what they do in dojo . . why is aikido different it snot
    i guess untill someone does aikido in ufc and mma you wont believe it works.. but that usually aikido masters do not go to competition fighting to proove themselves.. and why should they? it defeats the purpose

  21. TheRogueMonk:

    @CetherDesipio who says it does not work.. anyone who says that has not really experienced aikido..
    i am still shocked that people say it doe snot work still..
    cleraly it works .

  22. TheRogueMonk:

    THIS is REAL .. real aikido.. basic aikido . the best basis to start with period.

  23. fcthulhu:

    @PiedPiper97601 Yes, it’s harder because you have to be very precise and the slightest error has immediate consequences.
    On the other hand, when someone smaller than you manages to push you off balance, the effect seems even greater due to the height difference.

    Some techniques are easier if your partner is taller some are harder, that’s why it’s interesting letting people from different size and mass work together.

    It would be great to see a video with reversed roles.

  24. PiedPiper97601:

    @fcthulhu My point isn’t that Aikido wouldn’t work with a larger attacker. My point is that it’s harder to throw a larger (taller, fatter) opponent. So, yea throwing people around who have half your mass is like working with kids. When was the last time someone who had half your mass attacked you? And, from a martial perspective, isn’t that why there are so many variations… to handle the subtleties of intentions in various attacks?

  25. fcthulhu:

    @PiedPiper97601 I’m a 6’3″ tall 330 lbs aikidoist.

    Aikido is not a matter of size, weight or strength, it’s about technical level and mental state.
    As a tall and fat guy, it’s of course easier for me to resist if a technique is not well applied.
    With proper technique even a 5′ tall girl can throw me with no effort.

    What you generally see on aikido videos is people studying, even if we keep some martial elements in mind, it’s not a fight, we do not try to hurt each other or to win something :)

  26. floppycunt:

    Is that a cat in a hat?

  27. NivIus007:

    Ах вот куда делся соседский код. Нужно покормить черепаху а то мало что случится…

  28. YanochkaVuster:

    черепаха злая))

  29. juxnxtreme:

    That little bastard its my hero

  30. TheFenome:

    16 людей покусали черепахи

  31. NaVyTigress:

    Черепаха и ее миски…

  32. NaVyTigress:

    Никому ничего не дам! )))

  33. 812Andrej:

    Один удар когтистой лапой и пепельница готова.

  34. turop13:

    пфф.. обычная котоядная черепаха.

  35. Lin4ick:

    Какой красивый котик)

  36. SeIvSe:

    Черепаха кульная))))

  37. 1Hashishin:

    Все под нары, смотрящий пришел!!!

  38. 1Hashishin:

    Ну это же питбуль, это же питбуль!!!

  39. DanilaGFX:

    @Megazombikiller Черепаха ещё серанула по дороге. То ли от радости, то ли для ускорения, не понятно

  40. DanilaGFX:

    Ха-ха, котэ не знает куда от нее деться, от этой чирипахи

  41. shurick75:

    «Давай мясо! Давай мясо!»

  42. lisaet123:

    черепашка :)

  43. Tetramor4:

    Это она еще по скользкому плу, а по песку вообще как метеор гоняется

  44. serega1998ify:

    блин а ещё говорят что черепахи медленные 1:11

  45. ZikDoktor:

    Где мои бабки, мать твою)

  46. MsGeptil:

    Котяра НЕ ПАЦАН!!!

  47. 6aLLlka:

    @BurgeRrR08 это земноводная черепаха они бегать умеют а вот сухопутные у них ног нету только ласты

  48. MooreSlava:

    vkontakte.ru/tyoplie_koty клевая группа про котов! У НАС КОНКУРС!!!

  49. Cualcoa:

    просто кошакам наверняка не раз влетало от хозяев, когда они черепаху донимали, вот и обходят теперь её стороной, а она наглеет)))

  50. BurgeRrR08:

    ахаххаахахаххахах угараю!!!!нифига се не знала что они угрызть могут…. а чё так быстро ползает??


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