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A Moment 8.24.09


Just a moment in our day. I’ve just been taking it easy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 комм. на “A Moment 8.24.09”

  1. supermario8989fan:

    where is 2:59

  2. supermario8989fan:

    1:10 awwww

  3. supermario8989fan:

    267 people are cat abusers

  4. CaptainCrunch605:

    @callofduty380 uuuuhh aaron why are you crazy

  5. callofduty380:

    Lil’ bitty kitty cutey! :D

  6. dmarlow8:

    sparta was like a statue

  7. tiggymad:

    oooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so awesomly realy cute! <3

  8. XXxxSadiaxxXX:


  9. Slimjim1470:

    lol pause at 2:36

  10. Slimjim1470:

    lol Sparta’s just relaxin and enjoyin the rest

  11. gilahappy:

    whats the point of humans having tail bones but not having tails…… it looks AWESOME to have tails….

  12. chels685:

    hahah seprata just oh yeah that feels nice just give me a good licking after u bit me

  13. SapphireKaabii:

    Aww. It’s just too adorable. I wish my two cats would be best friends like Sparta and Loki are. Aww. <3

  14. eminem9031:

    emm cory you know wots funny my cats mooch and sasha you can see 1 of them on 1redhaze1s channel anyway they do the excact things sparta and loki do oh and PS.why did you call loki well loki

  15. bbenjoe:

    I’ve never seen a cat licking another cat (except for cat mums with her kittens)

  16. TheJunkman1986:

    cool :I

  17. mustangcrazy444:

    258 people shat shat bricks after pressing the wrong button

  18. smashfans123:

    my cat does that to me some times :)

  19. yamanushi8:

    i just realize that loki’s tail is freaking long

  20. undeadboy32:

    The bacround music is from Zelda : ocarina of time or majora’s mask . NICE CHOICE MATE !!!!!!!!


    @smashmouthfan200 ya its just when you run around the field. you hear the krickets going off hahaha

  22. AngelBabe2233:

    I love sparta and loki they are sooooo Sweet!!!!

  23. smashmouthfan200:

    @RAYSNIPER2 it does, I played this, with MM and it does

  24. abcgirl67:


  25. ArticWolfOfWisdom93: