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Декабрь 2011
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Funny Videos – eHarmony Video Bio (Hairball Parody)


Im Sarah, i love cats and i just want a soulmate! Add me www.facebook.com stalk me www.twitter.com www.youtube.com

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25 комм. на “Funny Videos – eHarmony Video Bio (Hairball Parody)”

  1. jozan9:

    LOL I got her… She is not really that stupid, she is imitating the girl who loves cats…

  2. ILoveAndySixxForevr:

    fucking annoying.. can’t stand her voice

  3. Avitazz:

    ….Stupid ._.

  4. gingersnap1111:

    you copyed someones video. GREAT JOB! -_-

  5. LilSunshineDance:

    the cat is like… yeah… wathever xDDDD

  6. RileyAndKinsey:

    This is retarded

  7. reavyn123:

    Wow ur lame!

  8. CW0513:

    Good luck getting in a relationship anytime soon!

  9. Domo22xD:

    Stupid People

  10. Super2011Mommy:

    why do people make remakes of stupid videos

  11. anauland12:


  12. lindiiscool1:

    your gay

  13. iluvjamesroday1:

    I wonder if this at all relates to that other video haha

  14. MaxxSwan13:

    nice tits

  15. Acosta380:

    Boobies Lol

  16. wilosony:

    I wish this wasnt fake

  17. Eltrio2:

    girl no hard feelings but got to say u sicotic bitch…

  18. Tostasts:

    Boobs or gtfo!

  19. 1psychjustice:

    I hate cats and I hate that bitch even more.

  20. nelsonbrito83:

    Can I pet your pussy?

  21. rfeezy1234:

    And she wonders why she don’t have a man … Mines Well Marry A Cat

  22. justcallmecheyxD:

    To cat, scratch the bitch.

  23. indyschmidt:

    Oh My God

  24. 12sftballbabe:

    this chick is wack!

  25. MrWmartz78:

    Cat is like…»let me go»!!!