Classic Canadian Cartoon

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25 комментариев на “THE CAT CAME BACK”

  1. tman12312:

    this is the same thing as the song the bitch came back, theory of a deadman = total copyright bitches

  2. MuslimahMelika:

    Haha, just seen this on my ipod through the NFB app, so funny 😀 «But the cat came back…»

  3. addictioner:

    I loled hard through the whole thing!

  4. CallieG02:

    In Warrior Cats the leader always has 9 lives

  5. TheWildSummerfield:

    I love this video. Glad I found it again.

  6. TheWildSummerfield:

    I love this video. Glad I found it on here.

  7. Roran775:

    I haven’t seen this video in years! Brings back memories :’)

  8. AnimeChibi90:

    I saw this toooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. bestes258:

    I remember when I used to listen to Trout Fishing sing this song…

  10. saveusX29Y2J:

    @hockeyisfunveryfun shut up retard

  11. hockeyisfunveryfun:

    anyone notice a similarity between «bitch came back» and «cat came back» look it up

  12. Kaitiethatsme:

    i just waisted 7 minutes and 31 seconds of my life watching this….and i dont even know why i didnt change it from the start. damn.

  13. wolfey612:

    thumbs up if the song the bitch came back brought you here!(by the way, i’m a girl and i find he song amusing. although the girl in the video was being a bitch. just sayin…)

  14. MissAshley42:

    That the main melody from this short is now part of a hate anthem against women absolutely disgusts me.

  15. TheKilllerswith:

    4:45 i LOLed so hard i fell out of my chair

  16. 3840Monster:

    Thumbs up if theory of a dead man brought you to this amazing cartoon?(:

  17. jaklumen:

    I think I first saw this on Nickelodeon sometime in the early ’80s. I didn’t know the cartoon was Canadian, but stands to reason, as the channel was drawing on a lot of Canadian programming.

  18. shockArama:

    The B$&@? Came back ooh sorry the cat came back I wonder if the band knew this

  19. rymanryman97:

    Theory of a Deadman brought me here!

  20. popstardreamer1:

    they really mean it when they say cats have nine lives

    p.s. i feel bad for the poor cat

  21. Spikero2:

    What the F—*MOO!*

  22. thekillersofpeople:

    Why didn’t he just de-claw it?

  23. TrogdorRunner:

    @bigzee2uk I think the name of that show was «Stay Tooned» — that’s where I first watched it, too.

  24. TCG31456:

    Um…you know your in the wierd part of youtube again when you see the japanese female MacDonalds Ad video in the related videos list

  25. j3r3mysk8:

    Failbook FTW!