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Декабрь 2011
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Simon’s Cat in ‘Hidden Treasure’


www.simonscat.com – A playful cat discovers hidden wonders.

The Cats abrindo o show da Banda Salcifufu na Happy News !!

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28 комм. на “Simon’s Cat in ‘Hidden Treasure’”

  1. R0ME12245:

    It’s like underneath the fridge is a bag of holding filled with junk. I would like a fridge like that.

  2. Bluerose09:

    This one really made me laugh lol

  3. JsKingBoo:

    I looked under my fridge. I found a hole

  4. Uiladoru:

    omg, I just found out about these vids! its amasing!!! Love them all! ^^

  5. holzkopf6662:


  6. Chiglit:

    hilarious videos.

  7. xXsolar99Xx:

    My cat used to hide toys under the fridge, but then he took an arrow to the knee.

  8. cutiebaby10000:

    OMG i <3 this cat he/she is hilarious and amazing like people keep saying A BASEBALL BAT UDER THE FRIDGE!

  9. fw00p:


  10. CreativeCritters:

    LOL! This is my Ozzy cat- I swear you must have taken a video of him! He loved hiding things under the fridge (never a baseball bat though). Thanks for the laughs! =D

  11. Lukkaszekkk19:

    loll wow

  12. MrPeeDD:

    This reminds me of my cat, it has so many toys, somehow they all end up below the couch, and when im watchin TV is when he chosses to go get them -.-

  13. Triss108:

    How did it all fit?!?!?!?!?

  14. Duhast111:

    LOL wow

  15. zorachanxue:


  16. Myleene6:


  17. OtherRandomThings:

    @KrazyTacoguy1 it’s simple. you take an arrow to the knee

  18. emeralddragonex:

    @KrazyTacoguy1 strange things happen in strange places. Especially when you lose things. I found the TV remote in my fridge once…. :D

  19. Titan52berg:

    Hey! The infamous baseball bat from Simon’s Cat earlier video!

  20. 8322Mango:

    WOW, this makes me think of what’s under my sofa…

  21. Deepfriedgeezer:

    @cristerela Why bother making one if there already is an official Facebook page? By the way, this is the same guy. Just different account.

  22. Ame0T:

    Exact thing with under the couch.

  23. SammPandaLove:

    these are so cute and funny glad i found them :)

  24. DekadansAgataKristi:

    в каждом доме, в любой стране такой же хлам под холодильниками и за шкафами… это нормально…
    привет из России американским хуеплетам!!!!!
    а мне то че? айм файн, бля)))))

  25. Monkeyspankerelite:

    What the hell? That´s my cat and my fridge xD

  26. rafadrummer09:

    muito bacana !!

    isso ae meninas !!

  27. OffJee:

    Que bom que ela gostou!!! Pena que a imagem non ficou muito boa… gravei de um ângulo ruim!! hehehe

    Bjooos coração! =D

  28. SMParra2008:

    Minha prima Jenny Vaz viu o video e amou…Agradece!!!!Bjokas Si